Friday, June 20, 2008

still boring

I don't know what is with me and this non-blogging lately. I'm totally in the habit of writing every day, and I still feel the urge to pull up a new post everyday... but I got nothin'.
Maybe it's because we've been busy almost every morning and every evening and those are my prime computer times. Maybe it's because we've been busy with a whole lot of nothing that I feel would be of any interest to anyone -even me. Maybe it's because my kids just aren't so entertaining and amusing anymore... we're all rather boring around here these days I'm afraid.

I ate three sweet rolls for breakfast today. Our neighbors brought a plate of them by last night and they were sitting in the kitchen taunting me this morning. Three big ones. I'm regretting that big time.

We're having some other neighbors over for dinner tonight. This will be the third evening of dinner guests for us in the past 7 evenings. Love it!! I have no idea what we're eating today though. It's almost noon... I suppose I should take inventory of our fridge and figure that out.
Also, it just dawned on me that Ryan's mom is coming in tonight and I haven't even given a second's thought to meals for the next week while she's here. I should probably get on that.
And clean the bathrooms. ugh.

Friday Questions!!
Tell me... What are you up to this weekend, what's the last movie you saw, and what are all the things you can hear right now?

As I said earlier, Ryan's mom is flying in late tonight to visit for a few days. I think we'll just lay kind of low around the house for most of tomorrow catching up with Gramma and then we have tickets to see the Circus Flora in St Louis tomorrow evening. I'm excited about that! Sunday I have no idea what will be on the agenda.
I think the last movie I saw was We Own the Night. Meh.
Right now as I sit here I am listening to my fingers hitting the keyboard on my laptop, Word World on the tv (and Sawyer's singing along), a boy playing basketball out in the street and an airplane just flew overhead.
Your turn!


Nicole said...

The last movie I watched was The Great Debate (although I half watched it at the end... got sucked into blog reading).

What can I hear right now?
-the noisy, rattly ceiling fan
-Hudson grunting and sucking his pacifier
-my mom sweeping the deck

jenny said...

life is boring around here too!

the last movie i watched was 'dan in real life'. eh, soso of a movie.

i can hear my computer humming. that's about it. pretty quiet around here right now.

K.M.L said...

This weekend we don't have much planned. Mike has to work Sat. night and I am going to do more organizing cabinets and laying in my pool if the weather is nice.

The last movie I saw in the theaters was The Happening and it was SCARY!!!!

Right now I can hear Jack and Mike snoring, someone cutting their grass, and birds chirping. :)

Anonymous said...

we're off to our cabin in a few hours!

the last movie i watched was 'michael clayton'. pretty good, although it took us 3 times to watch it because we kept falling asleep. :)

right now i hear mostly computers humming... and someone's conference call.

Christina said...

1. Last movie I saw was Kung Fu Panda with our kiddos last weekend. Action packed, missed some of it cause Gabi was singing and talking through the whole movie and I had to take her out of the theatre for a while.
2. This weekend we have a lot going on actually; taking our kids for ice cream sundaes tonight that they earned. I have a 9 a.m. meeting tomorrow for my sis in law's WA state dance team camp that I'm teaching at in a few weeks. We have a 4 year old b-day party at the Family Fun Center tomorrow afternoon and a neighborhood Summer Solstice party after that. Sunday is our 6 anniversary and we are going on a date with no kiddos!
3. Right now I hear my kiddos playing together, my fingers click clacking on the keyboard, birds chirping and a plane also just flew over head.

Amie R. said...

Weekend: Getting things squared away for our move and hiding out at my granny's house until everything is in the new house. I can't believe it is here already!!!

Movie: Those stupid Fast and Furious movies.

Hear: Washing machine, computer humming, and a little 2 year old refusing to nap flipping his Hippo stuffed animal around saying "good jump!"

B may have to start "napping" in a different room than J in the new house if he keeps this up. How's Sawyer doing in the nap department lately?

Me said...

Last movie... Kung Fu Panda.

I can hear girls chit chatting in the office, quiet music from overhead, and me typing on my keyboard.

Our weekend isn't too busy. Have to help shop for bridesmaids dresses for a friend, and hope to go to the local Farmer's market. Other than that, it'll be pretty quiet

Anonymous said...

The last movie I saw was Sex and the City. LOOOOOOOOVED it!

This weekend we're going to a wedding in town, which will be lovely b/c my husband and I haven't been on a date in awhile. And it's always nice to have dinner paid for my someone else:)

I hear: the ceiling fan, computer hum, and an airplane of course. (We're 5 mins from MSP Int'l, and have some major airplane noise issues."

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