Wednesday, June 18, 2008

busy but boring

That's been us around here this week. Seems we've had a whole lot going on, but a whole lot of nothin'!
And now Wednesday's almost over already...

We did have a busy and not boring day today. We spent over five hours at the zoo!! We left here this morning by 8 o'clock and just now got home just a bit ago. Boy am I pooped!! We met up with some friends this morning and it was so nice to traipse around the zoo with other moms I don't get to see often! I knew I wanted to get to the zoo this week (taking advantage of the nice June weather before it gets too unbearably hot this summer) so I emailed a few of the moms I know but don't see often at all as we are spread all over different sides of the city. Ended up, Katie and Eliot joined us as well as Erin and Yuri. Erin also had her three nephews in tow with her --how's that for brave?... a mom of one little no-problem baby adding three rambunctious boys to her mix!! My kids were thrilled with some new peers along for the ride though. And I mean ride literally as Erin only had a stroller for Yuri so her youngest nephew, a new three year old, who along with not being quite old enough to traverse the whole zoo on his own two feet, definitely needed some corralling! So for most of the time he was piled on our stroller with Savannah and Sawyer (two sitting, one standing)... so here's me sweating through the zoo pushing 130+lb of stroller. And um, turns out our zoo has plenty of hills I've never even noticed before!! I got quite the workout today. But we had fun. It was so fun to hang with these girls that I don't see often. We'll have to do something like this a few times this summer!

And totally randomly, I also ran into two other seperate people we know at the zoo today. I guess it was everyone's idea of a perfect day at the zoo. I think it's especially odd that I would run into that many people I knew in one place... considering I really don't know that many people here!! I really couldn't have run into anyone else I knew, because there is no one else, HAHA!

Another funny thing... Katie was there to also meet up with some friends of hers who were in town from Colorado. And these friends from Colorado were there with other of their friends (or sister maybe?) at the zoo. Anyway, this other friend/sister of the Colorado friend had come in the same entrance as us and evidently saw us all when Katie and I were waiting for Erin. This Other Friend moved on to find the Colorado Friend and then when Katie met up with them later Other Friend told Katie that she had seen us by the entrance. (are you following me on all this friend of a friend of a friend stuff? haha) Other Friend told Katie that she had seen us by the gate and proceeded to ask her who I was and whether I lived in the St Charles area. Other Friend evidently reads my blog... and recognized me and my kids from the blog... and had a suspicion we lived in the St. Charles county area by references on my blog to places and things (recognized because that's where they live). But she didn't know me in real life, just reads my blog, and it was totally weird that there I was at the zoo! I never met her today, as Katie just split her time between those two families and us with Erin, but I thought it was hilarious. Here I was, recognized by a stranger in the St. Louis Zoo because she randomly reads my blog!! :)
(And if you're reading right now Other Friend, leave me a comment!! I'm sorry we didn't actually get to meet today, but I'm always looking for more and new connections to moms in this area!)(And if you have a blog, I have to stalk you too!!)


Anonymous said...

HI...this is the other friend! I am Angie, Erin's sister. Katie and Erin are close friends and I met Katie a few years ago running and started reading her blog last year. I started reading yours after a while and realized you lived out here near us as well. I have almost commented before but for whatever reason did not. I love reading your blog, you are funny, insightful, and we have similar lives (kids). When I saw you walking in the zoo I thought I should go introduce myself but chickened out. Sorry! I do not have a blog and I feel bad that I know so much about you and you know nothing about me. (It seems weird to me) I told my sister I would love to meet you sometime. My email is Hope you had fun at the zoo...we did and it was great weather!

The Malones said...

We had ALOT of fun with you today! Thanks so much for the invite and we definitely have to make spending time together this summer a priority! Don't forget to talk to Ryan about next Friday! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for new STL blogs and just ran across yours. Awesome and entertaining blog. I enjoy reading it. I have yet to be recognized by my blog, that would be cool.

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