Saturday, June 14, 2008

busy saturday

It was a nice busy though...

Savannah and I were up and out bright and early this morning to go berry picking with Heather and Norah. We were a little disappointed by the strawberry fields (and the weather!... it was totally foggy and misty and cool, but with a weird heavy humidity still) but when we gave up on strawberries and made our way over to the raspberry fields, we hit the jackpot. Yum!! We're going to try and head out next week for the first of the blueberry crops too. You can never have too many berries to freeze in this house!

Then I had to hurry home, throw Savannah and the berries in the house and run up to get cleaned up and changed real quick to be at a "tea" at 10 am. I was a little late (and still had some mud and straw stuck to my ankles I later found!) but enjoyed a great luncheon with a group of fun women from church. It was so nice to sit and visit together!

I got home just in time for the kids going down for naps... and Ryan crashing on the couch. I at first wanted him to stay busy with me, thinking maybe we could get some yardwork done or even just play a game or something together. I've been procrastinating the pile of laundry that's overtaking my bedroom. I never got around to my laundry day this past week and I still am putting off attacking it. I was thinking if Ryan were taking advantage of the down time of naptime by sleeping, I'd be left sitting here with nothing to do but laundry. Luckily I remembered I had a ton of photos to go through, transfer and edit, so that's what I did instead of laundry this afternoon, waiting for my hibernating family to wake up and get back into the fun and busy Saturday mode we had going. I was productive though... once again caught up again on my pics.


Mom said...

Whew...that was quite the day.Nothin' better than fresh berries though.Glad you got to the pictures,now about that laundry... XOXOX

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