Thursday, April 10, 2008

cuz three posts in one day wasn't enough

I'm just feeling chatty. And I keep trying to talk to my husband and he gets mad if I don't wait for the commercials in between Scrubs...

So here I am. Welcome to random thoughts version 4/10

>>I was beginning to think I'd forgotten how to cook dinner. I mean a real dinner. I honestly can't remember the last time I made dinner. Like more than a box of mac and cheese or throwing chicken on a salad. I was actually chopping vegetables today... and sauteeing on the stove!! We had this tonight and it was yummy! Hopefully I'll be more motivated to make real and yummy meals next week with my family in town.

>>Oh, did I mention my family is coming into town? My parents are arriving on Saturday and they're bringing my little sister for a week. She hasn't been here yet, so that'll be fun!

>>My eye has healed up nicely. Thanks everyone for all your well wishes. I still don't really know what happened. I had a huge tear on my cornea, but no idea how it got there. The dr said maybe I did it in my sleep? I just woke up in horrible pain... couldn't even open my eye. The dr. numbed it up, cleaned it up (removed a flap of torn surface), and patched it up giving me painkillers and antibiotic drops for the next few days. It was much better yesterday and today I was actually able to wear my contacts for a few hours to go to bible study and take Savannah to school. It's good to feel normal again. Do you know how hard it is to not be able to see? I only had one eye patched, but really I needed to keep the other one closed as well because your eyes move simultaneously and when I would use my good eye and look around, my injured eye also moved even though it was closed, and the raw cornea rubbing against my eyelid was quite painful. I wasn't quite tired enough to sleep much that day, so I was quite bored not being able to watch tv or read or be on the computer... even talking with Ryan or the kids it was hard to just keep my eyes closed. I was so bored and restless. It's good to have my eyes back.

>>This has been an odd week. It seems to have flown by, like I can't believe tomorrow's already Friday, but at the same time it seemed to drag on sooooo sloooowly. I'm also dreadfully behind on so many things this week. Having basically two days wiped out of a busy week due to "blindness" doesn't help the fact. I'm still trying to get laundry put away from my "laundry day" and my whole house is basically a disaster. We were gone for most of the day today, including the evening and I have to buckle down and get some stuff done tomorrow. We're babysitting the neighbor girls tomorrow morning and then we're getting to work around here!

>>Yucky weather today. We've been in this lovely pattern of a nice warm sunny day and then a yucky rainy stormy day, back and forth, back and forth. Today was warm and muggy... 70 degrees but rainy, windy, haily (I know that's not really a word) and stormy. Sawyer and I spent some time outside in between showers while he wasn't napping today. He was a total boy playing in the mud puddles, splashing up a storm, picking the muddiest spots, digging for worms and squishing up the mud with his fingers...
I have a post coming on this boy and his spring sports obsession. We are going to have a blast outside all spring and summer!


Mom said...

I hope we can experience more of the sunshine than storms(please)in MO.Had enough of the wet stuff for awhile.Can't wait to see you all again.Sawyer looks like he's gotten taller. Maybe it's just the boots.:)XOXOXOXOXO

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