Thursday, April 10, 2008

why is he doing this to me?

So about twice a week now, for the past month or so, Sawyer is not napping.
Three times last week actually.
And it scares me to death because this was the exact age that Savannah decided to stop napping. I remember specifically because I was 8 months pregnant and very much needing her to nap every day. And then she just up and quit. And I finished out my pregnancy and went on to juggle a newborn with a cranky stubborn non-napping toddler. Not a happy time in our household...

So now. Sawyer is exactly the same age SJ was when she got this bright idea that she didn't need naps anymore, and what happens? He just randomly decides daytime sleeping is not for him.
How does that happen? Coincidence? Were my kids born with a "no napping after 28 months" program?? Why was I not informed of this?

I was spoiled when I was a nanny for two years. The 5 year old I had would still take three hour naps every day if I let her, and the two year old was a pretty darn good napper too.
And so of course my own not-quite-two-and-a-half-year-olds decide to cut me off... just my luck.

Darn it- Sawyer was always such a good little napper too. And I always said it was a good thing because we needed it. We; me as much as he. He is a child who needs to give a break as well as get one himself. He is just so go, go, go, non-stop all day.
If he's seriously going to no longer nap for me, I may rethink this not putting him in preschool next year...


Nicole said...

oh, I feel your pain. Bennett did this at the end of my pregnancy with Jack Henry. And like Sawyer, naptime was as much about me needing a break from him as it was about him needing to nap.

Just yesterday at the dr. she told him that little boys need to take naps or at least very, very quiet resting time until they are 5. I've reiterated this to him about 10 times since then. He usually naps once or twice a week, has a decent quiet time twice a week, and the other days yells at me, "I already taked a nap!" over and over until I let him come out.

Mom said...

Perhaps next week your dad and I can take our turn with Sawyer,so you can have a break.:)XOXOX

Amie R. said...

Ben was having a hard time napping when my in laws were here. My mother-in-law mentioned that he might be "one of those kids that stops taking a nap early" I told her NEVER to speak those words again! I can NOT do 3 kids under 3 without nap time! Thank The Good Lord, as soon as they left he was napping great again. He just did not want to miss the party.

Even if my kids drop their naps, they WILL have an F.O.B. time (Flat On Bunk/Bed) That's what they called it at the camp I worked at. The daycare I worked at had a nap time and the kids HAD to lay on their mat...up to kindergarten age.

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