Tuesday, February 5, 2008

we got a little bit of rain today

Here was what our front yard looked like at noon today after a morning full of rain: (no, this was not where the leftover snow was)

And here's what it looked like not even two hours later:

And here's what the backyard looked like after just a half hour more with a good bout of hail and then more heavy rain to try and wash away the inch of pea sized pellets:

You'd have to click on this and look full size to see it, but if you look past our hail covered deck, our swing set is basically in a pond.

With a river running down alongside the fence out to the road like this:

That's supposed to all be lawn out to the basketball hoop, by the way.

You can't really tell, but on the very left side of this picture, the water level on the street is the same as the water level in our yard. Basically that whole T in the road is under 6" of water.
The white stuff is obviously the remaining hail and the reason it's only in the very middle of the road is because everywhere else is like a raging river.
Or a lake depending on the incline...

Exciting stuff around here!! LOL!


Lina said...

Wow! You did get a bit of rain! Hope Savanah had a better day :)

Anonymous said...

Hello from your aunt in Deadwood.
These photos and the ones of the kids with the melting snow are so familiar to me up here. We have often had 6 feet of snow in one day and everyone is out shoveling in short sleeves the next day. We live in the 'banana belt' in the Black Hills. We are in a severe drought out here, so lately we only get 8" or so at a time now. Even 4 days in a row of that isn't enough. Before the drought we'd regularly gey 8 to 12 feet in a single snowfall. Last year your uncle was out of toen and it snowed over 6'. I couldn't get out of the house so I had to cut the top screen out of the door to hoist out a chihuahua, a bulldog, and a golden doodle so they could run the neighborhood. I don't worry about flooding much, as we're on the side of a mountain, tho we have had mudslides, including one that buried a dirt bike and the swingset. We have had snow on the 4th of July and have had temperature drop from over 100 degrees to 32 in a couple hours. Thundersnow is common here. I do miss the thunder and lightning on the plains; here you don't see lightning--it's just a bright flash with immediate thunderclaps. We have a scorch mark 2' from our bedrom door out to our deck from a strike. We're only about a mile up, tho. The only weather your cousins were scared of as kids was wild fires; it scared them to have to evacuate the town. We had a good time during storms. The bulldog, however is terified of storms and wind.The kids loved (trying) to count the seconds between lightning and the thunder to estimate hoe far away the storm was and we all loved to go to Lightning Hill and see storms in Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska coming our way.
The more concern you show about their fears the more they figure there really is a reason to be afraid. It is definitely an age thing. When Bree was about 11 she'd call home any time she was gone to see if we were OK and if the pets were alive (it was after your Grandpa died). Make up some games, get some science and weather books, have drills and have Savannah 'teach' her dolls and toys all she learns, as in 'You need to explain these things to Teddy because he's a little nervous'. This, too, shall pass...

Anonymous said...

We have the Berenstein Bears book about storms...I think it's called "Count Their Blessings." It's not my favorite, but it does address fears of storms. I'm going to pull it out and read it to the boys again!

I liked your aunt's idea about teaching the teddy bear about things!

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