Monday, February 18, 2008

i still go on blind dates

We had a fun little outing today...
I met up with Kelli for a little bit of lunch and a book swap. Well, I guess it can't really be considered a swap if it was one sided, so I guess I should say she was clearing out her bookshelves and I was the happy recipient of a couple of them.
I've never met Kelli before today. She found my blog, I believe, through Katie Mohr's, and we read each others' ramblings every so often. Well, Kelli mentioned on her blog that she wanted to get rid of some books, I mentioned that I would love to take a couple off her hands, and we came to find out that not only do we have a few "trails" of friends we could trace to one another, but we actually live fairly close to each other. So it was decided that we would meet up for a quick lunch, do a little chit-chatting, let the kids play for a minute (she has an adorable 21 month old) and do the book hand-off.

It was kind of exciting (I know, I'm a dork!)... I don't think I've ever just up and made a lunch date with someone I'd never met before. The funny thing is, I could see doing that with some of the blogging "friends" I read; the ones I've been reading for awhile and keep up on almost daily and comment back and forth, the ones I feel like I "know"... but meeting Kelli felt more like I was going on a blind date. I've only occasionally visited her blog the past few weeks and hardly know anything about her, so meeting up with her was like setting up a blind date and only knowing a few key basics about a person!
At least I didn't have to stress out about what I was going to wear or shave my legs or anything. HA!

It was fun though. It was fun to get out and meet someone new. And to have a lunch date period. I can't remember the last time I've done that. The few people we (me and the kids) ever hang out with during the week (our neighbors and the Swinigans mostly) are so close and so casual that it's usually just a last minute thing, and we're just hanging out with the kids playing at one of our houses. So it was fun to have an actual prearranged lunch date and fun also to meet someone new around here. I really need to move out of my comfort zone and make the effort to meet more new people.
How long is it considered "just moved here"?...

Anyway, thanks again for the books Kelli, and for braving the lunch rush at Chick-fil-A (which anyone who lives around here knows is crazy!) to hang out with us! It really was so nice to meet you!!


Kelli said...

That's so funny that you compared our lunch to a blind date b/c yesterday when you posted a picture of yourself I was excited b/c I knew who I was actually looking for at Chick Fil A :)
Thanks for meeting up. We had a good time. We'll have to do it again at a restaurant that isn't quite as nuts so we can talk more.

K.M. Laughlin said...

Glad you got some new books...Lovely Bones is amazing!

my3buckaroos said...

I remember when there was a Chick Fil A at Clackamas Town Center. I loved that place! So sad that we don't have them here. Anyways, I digress. Glad you got some new books and glad that you met someone new. That's always so much fun!

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