Friday, February 1, 2008


I must use that word more than I realize, because Savannah has taken to calling Sawyer Honey all the time. It comes out in a totally mothering way too... like she does this little 'I'm older and wiser' chuckle and says, "no no, we should use our spoons honey".
I hear it about 20 times a day.
Her "kind" bossiness.

We a great dinner last night. At McDonalds. Hehe.
I have been so unmotivated with planning and cooking meals this week. I've managed to squeak a few real meals out, and had at least something on the table every night, but last night I just didn't want to. And Ryan came home from work saying we should go out to eat because with all the snow coming down everyone was scurrying home and we'd be the only ones out there. He was joking, but I took him at his word. So after he and the kids romped out in the snow a bit, we went to the closest dining establishment... Mickey D's. And we were the only one's there! There was one other family there when we got there, but by the time we had finished eating, they had left and so our kids had the whole huge playplace to themselves. This is a nice McDonald's too, with a new play area that climbs around and goes on forever, complete with nice cushy armchairs for the parents to hang out in. So we hung out with out feet up in the cushy chairs, watching cnn, with Ryan running around with the kids every now and then, and just let the kids have a ball in the empty McDonald's for probably an hour! Finally, when we realized our car was getting a little too buried in the snow, we bundled up and headed home.

Now this morning we have almost 8 inches of new snow on the ground!
I love it!! All the schools are closed, lots of businesses; even Pfizer closed down their facilities... Ryan still went in early this morning, saying he gets more done without everyone else around, but is hoping to be back early with plenty of time to enjoy the snow with the kids.

I'm off to get my "chores" done early so I can spend the rest of the day either out in the white stuff or curled up on the couch with a good book. I'm sure I'll be back with pictures later. (of the snow, not of the book reading on the couch!)

For now, here's my Friday question:
Do you wet your toothbrush before you put the toothpaste on or after?


jenny cook said...

i wish we had new snow! i love that shot with your ruler.

i wet my toothbrush before, during, and after brushing my teeth. then i rinse with act. :)

Nicole said...

we're finally getting snow too. Not quite 8 inches yet, though. I'm sure by the end of the day....

Toothbrush: Ooh darn your questions that make me think about routine. Hmm... I am pretty sure I put the toothpaste on and then wet it. Yep. I don't like the water to get in my tube of toothpaste.

Emilie said...

Well Heather...I'll start packing my bags!! haha!! :)

Have fun in the snow!

I put the toothpaste on my toothbrush, then get it wet! What a funny question. It really makes you think about what you do..its such a habit, I don't really even think about it when I do it!

K.M. Laughlin said...

I am SO jealous of snow days...We have school today and I don't want to be here! We only got a couple of inches....bummer. As for the toothbrush and toothpaste...I wet the toothbrush first then put the toothpaste on and then wet it again. :) See you guys next weekend!!!!

Jody L. said...

Where is this McDonalds located? It sound like heaven.

Gramma G said...

I love "kind" bossiness coming from a wise and caring 4 1/2 yr old. I'ts so darn cute.:)

desperate housewife said...

Our two year old loves to boss the dog, since Eli (the baby) is still a little young to need it. Poor kid, though, he's in for it...
After, on the wetting the toothbrush thing. I think. It's all reflex at this point.

Heather S. said...

Lucy has started saying honey - hers sounds like "unny" and she says it at totally random times and mostly to herself. I'm sure that is what it is, though, because she repeated about a dozen times after I said it.

I wet my tootbrush before and after I put toothpaste on it.

Lina said...

Cute story about Savannah!
I wet the toothbrush after & it has to be warm water, not cold, my teeth are super sensitive.

Zoe said...

before. always before.

holly said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that had a hard time with meal planning this week, I couldn't think of one thing to make!!! I night out at McDonald's sounded great!

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