Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a slumber party in the basement with a new bedroom upstairs

So yeah. I'm tired.
I officially hate storms. I was so relieved that we missed the peak of the storm season last year before moving here. Little did I know January now dishes out tornadoes too!

We were under a tornado watch from about 7 yesterday evening until 5 this morning. We followed the warnings and the radar before we went to bed, and watched the counties southwest of us, the ones who got the storms first, change one by one from warnings to watches. Then there were "significant rotations" in the clouds in our area. So we decided instead of waiting for the storms to get worse, or being wakened in the middle of the night by the sirens, we made our bedroom in the basement last night. We pulled our extra mattress down there and set up beds for each of the kids on the big couch and got all cozy. The kids didn't even wake up when we moved them down there. They did both wake up later though with some big thunder rumbles. I was afraid they wouldn't go back to sleep... Sawyer was wide awake and talking away, and Savannah was all curled up and would whimper with every clap of thunder. They were probably both back asleep by 11. But then I couldn't fall asleep. I would just finally start to doze off when the heavy rain or hail or wind or an extra loud rumble of thunder would start up again. Sawyer woke up for a bit once more, and then I think I finally fell asleep at about 3:30. Yes, 3:30.
And Ryan's alarm went off before 6.
So I'm well rested.
When I did finally doze a bit, I had horrible too realistic dreams, presumably from all the storm sound effects. Storm dreams, our basement flooding, and a tornado actually running over our house. In my dream I was super upset about our house, not because we lost our house, but because we had finally just bought an armoire for our bedroom, and now it was all gone! haha!

We really did just buy an armoire for our bedroom. We've been looking for one forever. I don't love the idea of having a tv in our room, but it is nice for movies and stuff, so I really wanted to be able to shut it away in a nice piece of furniture. So we've been keeping our eye out for months. Only we didn't want to spent close to $1000 on one. Seriously, the best we could find (for a real wood piece of furniture, not out of a box) even on ebay or craigslist was at least $600. But finally on Saturday night I found one... for just $100 if we could pick it up by noon on Sunday! And it turned out to be not even 1/2 a mile away from us! So Sunday morning we ran over and grabbed it. It's 6 1/2 feet tall and great solid wood with plenty of storage space and room for quite the big tv. It was actually stained a beautiful navy blue, but I picked up some paint at Lowe's on Sunday and we painted it black to match our bedroom furniture. We had it bought, painted and in our room in less than 8 hours! And I love it. It is the perfect size and it looks great and there is so much room in it!
Ryan makes fun of me because I just keep going upstairs to look at it. After dinner I went upstairs to watch tv, just to enjoy it in the new cabinet!
Now I can't wait to paint our bedroom.

Is it strange that I just now, with buying that last piece of furniture, feel like we're honestly moved in? I mean, the rest of the house is good, but our bedroom has never really felt like our bedroom until now. There had even been a couple of boxes and junk never unpacked or put away in that corner of our room. It's the only room in the house that's plain white, we had our tv on my old tiny sideboard table and really I feel like the room was all just a catchall for junk we didn't know what to do with. So now I have a complete bedroom, I got rid of the junk and boxes, got some frames on the wall, and it actually looks like a nice relaxing room now. All that's left is to paint the walls and find curtains. I'd like to find new bed linens too, but I haven't found anything I love since we've moved and it's really not in the budget anytime soon, so this'll have to do. I'm happy with just having the furniture done.

And I do believe that is the very last piece of furniture or anything specific that we had on our list to buy for this house. I'm done, my friends. Finally.

That's not counting finishing the basement or new carpet in the family room or replacing the kitchen/dining/entryway with wood flooring or redoing the kitchen. Haha! But that's all in the very distant future. In Someday land.


Mom said...

Hope you got a chance to nap today. The armoire is awesome. What a great find!!! Happy for you.:)

Christina said...

THe weather sounds crazy. I'm glad you guys have a basement and could hunker down there for the night. Your armoire is really nice, and what a great bargain! I love deals.

Amy said...

glad you guys are all safe. last night must have been a bit scary. i love your armoire. i love your ambition by being able to find it, get, and and already have it painted. i wish i was like that. take care.

LeeAnn said...

What a GREAT deal!! I *heart* your armoire!! Hope you can get back in your room to enjoy it.

jenny cook said...

i love that armoire! good find!

i hope the weather figures itself out soon - this spring in january is tickin' me off!

hope you get a chance to nap today!

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