Tuesday, January 15, 2008

child number three

No, it's not what you're thinking.
We took care of that a few months ago.

But it is time to start thinking about #3. I mean, if we were having our own baby, I would have hoped to be pregnant by now, so it's time to get on this. Gosh, it's always so odd to think about adding another one, isn't it? It's just the same feeling knowing you're adopting as when you are already or are trying to get pregnant. It's just surreal to think about the near future and being so used to your family how it is and catching yourself having to realize, man, at this time next year they'll be five of us.

I just had one of those moments the other day, driving home from Savannah's school. Now is the time to register around here for preschools and kindergarten next year. So I've got all this stuff rolling around in my head about whether or not we're going to put Sawyer in preschool next fall (he'll be not quite three, so if he goes next year that'll mean three years of preschool before he can go to kindergarten), and costs and working out a schedule of days and hours and making sure a preschool would mesh with Savannah's school hours, and I'm driving around thinking wow, I'll have over two hours to myself twice a week, and what should I do? find some sort of job? volunteer? enjoy my house in silence?... and then it hit me.
I'm not going to be by myself... there's going to be another little one around here, maybe an infant, maybe a toddler, or maybe even a preschooler, to soak up my "free time". I don't know when, and I don't know who, but most likely we'll have a third child in our home. Crazy.

If you're still growing your family, do you find yourself blindsided by thoughts like that? Do you find yourself thinking, 'oh, that's something I'd like our family to do next summer', and then realize you forgot for an instant that you'll have a brand new baby to work around? Like I'm trying to plan some sort of family vacation for the end of next summer and I keep stumbling on the fact that there's a possibility (I'm not assuming things will move this quickly, but you never know) we could be bringing three kids to Oregon in August. Not that it makes things harder... it's just so strange to think about. And it's odd not being pregnant this time... like I don't really know when, and I have no idea who, and it just all seems so far off in the distance.

But I know it's time. I'm nervous now that the time is really here... not about meeting our new child, but about the process... all the time and money and uncertainty, all the research and prayer and faith. And probably waiting. It's a big step and it's scary to me.

But it's time. Time to start the research. Looking at agencies, looking at our financial plans and options, looking at home studies and preparations. Preparations to meet the sweet little one God has in store for our family. I'm anxious to see how it'll all unfold. I'm excited to have a new little one to love.

I realize some of you don't really have a clue what I'm talking about. You've probably got the jist of it by now, but let me tell you that we had decided, even before we had our own kids (who came surprisingly early in our marriage) that we had a heart for sharing our home and our family with more than just our biological children. When I look at the number of kids in foster care or in need of adoption, it's always seemed like such a no brainer to me. We're looking to adopt domestically, and possibly considering fostering first. We'll see where the Lord leads as we start this process.

If you think of it, we'd love to have our family in your prayers. I believe adoption is a hugely prayerful process and we can use all the extra support we can get. As we begin this journey, as our family prepares to envelope another life, and as that little life is growing ready for our family even now -whether it's just been conceived, or is already running around on his own two feet- we need to stay in tune with where God wants us to be. Pray for that.


Happy Days said...

I will be keeping you in my prayers. I hear all of your thoughts and am thinking you must be special people. Best wishes with what ever comes your way!

Kristi S said...

I think adoption is an amazing gift! Good luck and best wishes with the process :)

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

I didn't know this about you guys! Where have I been??? AUUUUHHH! I love it! Call me if you want to talk about it more (not Guate, obviously, just adoption stuff), we'll grab coffee or something!

Mary said...

This is so great!
Good luck and best wishes!
How exciting for you all :)

Amy said...

I think this is wonderful. Best wishes as you begin this process.

Christy said...

praying for you as you consider this more closely-- as you research that the right agency and child would come into place. prayers as you prepare a place in your heart, home, and family. This is awesome! keeps us posted!

Amie R said...

FINALLY!!! Just kidding! :) I am VERY VERY VERY excited! It is all a very weird feeling, and in the US it is absolutely a day by day process. Once your homestudy is completed...one day a family of four, the next day a family of five...or six. :) I am still pulling for a sibling group for you guys....come on RYAN!!! ;)

Call me when/if you want to talk about stuff. We have now gone through both routes...well kind of...J was still kind of in the private system even though he was in foster care.


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