Sunday, December 16, 2007

one man's trash is another man's garbage

Quick poll.
Do you say trash or do you say garbage?
As in if you're directing you two year old, "Can you go throw that in the trash/garbage please?" or inquiring in someone's kitchen, "Where is your trash/garbage?".

I've always said garbage. For some reason when the word trash comes out of my mouth it sounds to me, I don't know... more trashy. haha! I guess it comes across to me like the difference between excusing yourself from a restaurant table saying "I'm going to use the restroom" and saying "I"m going to go pee." I know, it's weird. I don't know where that comes from... it's not like there's anything wrong with the word trash... I guess in my mind I just associate trash with like outdoor trash/dumpster and garbage is like a tidier version in your home. Not that I've put much thought into this. LOL!!

Now for some reason, Sawyer says trash. And I think it's kind of funny, because we say garbage around here. Not one of us calls it the trash. Not sure where he heard it enough to put it to regular use, but even when I say to him something like, "that belongs in the garbage" he looks at me and says, "trash??". And now for some reason I've begun adopting the habit. And everytime the word trash slips out of my mouth it sounds so weird to me. I actually notice it and feel kind of odd about it like I'm some imposter, using different words than I normally do. Like if I were in the south and started saying ya'll all the time, when I don't normally.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'll stop babbling now lest ya'll think I'm crazy! haha! Like it's not already too late for that...

I know I'm due for a huge update around here. It's coming, it's coming. Our house has been a little crazy the last couple of weeks, and now we're all snowed in and on top of that most of us are sick this weekend. Hopefully that just means a little more down time so that I can finally get through some pictures and actually be a blogger again!


K.M. Laughlin said...

Hope you guys are feeling okay...I miss ya!

Nicole said...

I think we say garbage. I think. Now that I'm thinking about it they both sound normal to me. LOL!

I think I say "put that in the garbage" but if I refer to it as a "can" i say trash can. Hmm..

kimca01 said...

We say garbage/garbage can. I thought the whole trash thing was a US thing - I've never heard it outside of the US LOL Maybe it's the Oregonian in you HAHA

Another one for the US is restroom. No one ever calls it that here - we'd say bathroom or washroom.

Amy said...

i'm just total trash!!! ha ha ha it is funny though when they come up with words that you we don't usually use. my son says soda and that's just not a common word around here. we usually call it (soft drinks) by the brand name. maybe that's weird too! have a good one!

LeeAnn said...

I think I refer to as trash and I think its because we have a 'trash can' can thats where I've been telling Lukas to put trash into. But we do refer to our pickups, coming from the Garbage Truck.

jenny cook said...

too funny! i call it all garbage. when i tell tucker to throw something away, i tell him to put it in the garbage can. now that i really think about this, i rarely use the word trash. interesting. :)

JessicaP said...

I actually didn't know what the word "garbage" meant for a very long time. Growing up it was always "trash", and everyone I knew said it that way as well. I honestly don't think I had heard anyone call it "garbage" until I started middle school...LOL!

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