Friday, November 9, 2007

is this ever going to stop?

I really don't think so.
I have a feeling all the lead findings and now this
are just the tip of the iceburg.

I'm thinking my kids will stick to asking for clothes and books for Christmas and they can play with measuring cups, wooden spoons, and build forts out of bedsheets. And we'll stick to shoe boxes and good old popsicles sticks for arts and crafts thankyouverymuch.


Anonymous said...

You are correct, things have gotten crazy. But I do not think that the Aqua Dots are made for a 18 month old child to play with and if I was going to let my kid play with them, I would watch them and make sure that they did not swallow them.

heather said...

I completely agree with you anonymous, and that was my very first thought upon reading the article.
I am not one to be paranoid over the latest news stories or to be worried about every little thing my kids touch. I am also not one who would let my 18 month old play with beads unsupervised.

However. The fact that any of the toys, regardless of childrens' ages, contain such dangerous things is beyond my comprehension. How hard is it to make sure that children's toys are not being made with poisonous or toxic chemicals?!
I mean we're talking TOXIC. On TOYS.

Nicole said...

How ridiculous! I am so sick of all these new findings. So far (to my knowledge) we don't have any of the affected toys (although I haven't really done any research, just gone by what emails/posts on CLM I've read) but it irritates me how they get away with selling toys that are so dangerous. Stupid!

Amy said...

that was just nuts!!! of course you wouldn't let an 18 month old play with them but why is that chemical in them anyway???

if anonmymous was talking about something like mel's bracelets, i would completely agree but these harmful things in toys??? no way.

jessica said...

Just being the mom of two much older kids with a toddler, I know that she gets her hands on a lot of things that I wouldn't necessarily hand to her. I may not be the most careful, but we have to know that kids just do get ahold of things they shouldn't sometimes, they put things in their mouths sometimes, even if it isn't food. Gertie was playing in the toilet water this morning with a bottle cap she found on the floor after some junior highers were throwing them around last night. That didn't take much time to get seriously disgusting.

We need manufacturers to be responsible enough to make toys that are safe. That's a fair expectation in my book.

Christy said...

soo true-- I think I would be flipin out if I had kids. Christmas will be interesting for kids this year!

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