Saturday, November 10, 2007

bumpy saturday

Highs and Lows of my day...

low: Sawyer ate a peanut butter granola bar this morning and had a horrible attack of itching all over, runny stuffy nose, itchy runny eyes, wheezing and coughing and the whole nine yards. Finally got him a big dose of antihistamine and he calmed right down. Guess who's officially allergic to peanuts?

high: He had a verrry long nap after that.

low: Missed out on the deal of the century on Ebay today simply because we were stupid. Super, super bummed about that one.

high: Hit the jackpot at a great lighting store and are finally replacing the horrid chandeliers in the dining room and entryway. We already changed out the dining room... looks like a different place... whoo hoo!

low: Spent the whole entire morning corralling the kids throughout furniture stores (for a dining room table), lighting stores (for the chandeliers) and craft stores (for even more Christmas present projects). Can you say exhausting? Why oh why didn't we do this while my parents were in town?

high: We ended with a nice (albeit late) lunch at Costco (gotta love the dollar fifty polish dog and soda!!), the kids ate a ton, and we were even complimented on how well behaved our children were sitting there in the busy food court.

low: I was in a weird super funky mood all day. Totally irritated one minute, fine the next. Completely punky and emotional. I cried when Sawyer was miserably allergic, I cried when we lost the Ebay armiore, I cried when my husband said some totally random thing that I totally in my own mind made something else.... you know, usual PMS-y kind of stuff.

high: Today all day to me felt like it was Sunday; but it's only Saturday and we still have a whole 'nother day of weekend... yay!

And how is your weekend going?


tracy said...

Wow...I had the same kind of day (minus the allergic reaction), crabby one minute and fine the next for no reason. Plus I also thought today was sunday! Here's hoping to a better day tomorrow!

Mom/Gramma G said...

Poor little Sawyer.He may not want a granola bar after today. When do we get to see the new lights ??XOXO

Nicole said...

I want to see pics of the lights!

That sucks that Sawman broke out! I still haven't given Porter any peanut butter or peanuts. Hey! When we were passing out candy at Halloween this lady requested "no peanuts- for the little ones" and Ryan's dad made a comment about no peanutbutter (because we still don't give it to Porter) and the lady said "Oh no, he can have peanut butter, but no peanuts because he's not 2 yet." I thought that was weird. Ryan's mom said she thought the same thing, but Lori had told her that PB is ok but its the actual nuts? (Lia is allergic... closing throat allergic... to tree nuts but she eats peanutbutter). Have you ever heard of that? However, I still haven't given P any PB.

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