Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white national flossing day

Great. Now I'm going to have that song in my head.
Ever wonder who comes up with all those random obscure holidays? Like National Teach Your Friend How to Brew Day, for example. I found this calendar. Some of these are actually national legal holidays like World Hello Day and National History Day or Child Health Day. Many of them though, are just fun excuses to celebrate something. Anything.
Today is National Nacho Day. Guess what we're having for dinner tonight?

Thursday is I Hate to Cook Day. I like that one. Take-out anyone?
It's also X-ray Discovery Day as well as Punsters Day. Oh yay... a day dedicated to those who make terrible puns any and every time. My husband will go to town with that one.

This coming Saturday is Headache Day. It is actually. It's the feast day of St. Aedh Mac Briec, patron saint of headache sufferers. Here's to no headaches on Saturday!

And did you know the day after Thanksgiving is National Flossing Day?

Crazy all these "holidays" they come up with. Kinda fun though. I'm gonna keep looking at it. I figure we can make it kind of fun with the kids. A fun prompt for menu planning, or an art project, or an excuse to make and send someone a card or a fun surprise.
Also more go-to prompts for this month's slow NaBloPoMo days!!


Mom said...

Who decides and gets to print these "holi" days? Silly isn't it. I prefer green floss any day!!!!:)

jenny said...

sweet - now i really have something to celebrate everyday. i think i'm going to try to make up my own cool holiday. :)

Nicole said...

Interesting stuff! :) Hmm... maybe we should get nachos tonight for the third time in the last two weeks HAHA!

Gabe & Heidi's P.A.D. said...

We had nachos for dinner last night and we didn't even know it has a "holiday"!
How funny!

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