Tuesday, November 27, 2007

daddy's boy

Sawyer acquired a new attachment today; to his Daddy's hat. He grabbed it on our way out the door to dance class this morning, wore it in the car, wore it the whole time we were at the dance school, and pretty much the whole rest of the day. He even napped with it. I kept catching him patting his head and half-whispering to himself, "Dad" throughout the day. It was pretty stinkin' cute.
Also cute; just him in the hat itself. Too big on his head, he was usually just barely peeking out, but thought he was such hot stuff for wearing his Daddy's hat. Just made me smile every time I looked at him...

And proof that it's too early to completely be submerged in the Christmas decorations... doesn't this look like it's still Fall?!

Ryan got home a bit early today and even though we've had a bit of rain, we decided to all get out there and get some leaves off the ground before the rain comes back. Sawyer was right there with Ryan the whole time, raking away.

Still crackin' me up with the hat...
(click on these to get the full bucket-head effect)

doesn't this kid look so old?!
This cannot be my two year old.
What happened to my baby boy?


Christy said...

he does look so grown up-- and soo stinkin cute!! great shots!

GrammaG said...

Too cute that kid. He's such a "BIG" helper too. He may look "old" but his size compared to that little rake proves he's still just a litte squirt. :) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Heather S. said...

I must say - I saw Sawyer and the hat up close and personal and he was ADORABLE!!! He cracks me up!

Kim said...

i LOVE the ones of him in the hat! sooo cute.

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