Monday, October 15, 2007


I want
to lose twenty pounds
to learn how to help my kids get along better
to remember how to be more proactive than reactive in disciplining my kids
to practice being more proactive than reactive to my daily life in general
to deepen my relationship with the Lord
to find a church home
to be involved in a Bible study
to be involved in a church small group
to read more
to enjoy exercise
to have a clean house
to have kids who pick up after themselves without complaining and fighting
to eat healthier
to go on a date with my husband
to take a real vacation
to stop spending money
to have family here for Christmas
to have friends here for New Years
to have a big dining room table to put everyone at
to go for more walks
to spend more one on one time with each of my kids
to take more pictures of my kids
to have more pictures of me and my husband
to actually put pictures of my kids in albums
to have a beautiful and relaxing bedroom, rather than the one room that feels so "undone"
to drink more water
to play the piano more
to have my piano tuned
to be more confident in myself
to meet more friends here
to feel more balanced
to be more patient with my kids
to play with my kids more
to be a happier mom for them

I want
the motivation
and the strength
and the wisdom
and the patience
to be intentionally going after all these things that I want for myself.


Mom/Dad said...

That is a really long list. I can help with the date,plan one while we are there.Maybe a weekend getaway?(there goes the one about spending money though)Prioritize,what's MOST important to you?

Annie said...

Your honesty is refreshing, Heather. There are never enough moments in each day & we are always hardest on ourselves. Maybe pick your top 3-5 and go for those! :) Be sure to focus on all the amazing things you already are/do. Love you!

Emilie said...

Go for it!
Tackle one or two a day, and keep working on the list!!

Kristi Sauer said...

Wow,long list, but way to go for putting it out there! I hope you can accomplish even just a few of those things :)

Lindsay said...

wow! that was so nice to read and definitely made me feel so normal (well, at least that there is another person who thinks like i do!) I really think all those things are great "wants" thanks for sharing :)

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