Tuesday, October 16, 2007

7 random thoughts.... elaborated

Because you know me. 'Short story long' is what I like to say.
You may have seen '7 random thoughts' posts floating around blogs the last couple of weeks... well I'm taking a turn, only my thoughts are of course whole paragraphs...

*Wow, it is beautiful today. Sunny and just warm enough... not hot at all but quite pleasant. Clouds here and there, and a brisk wind to remind you it's fall. Love it!
I'm glad the weather's so nice. If it were a dreary kind of rainy kind of week, I don't think it would go well with the funky up and down mood I've been in the last couple of weeks. I would definitely be more down than up. Sunshine is nice.

*Tiny dancer...
I think I forgot to mention that Savannah started a dance class. It's a combination tumbling and dance class and she loves it! It's an hour each week; half the time with her tumbling teacher and half the time with her dance teacher. She's been showing me her "moves" at home and she is really learning stuff! And having a blast. It's a neat school... it's called My King Studio of Dance and they learn bible verses and dance to fun praise music. She goes each week throughout the school year and then they have a big concert in June. I'm so glad we got her in this program! She loves it!
This is a picture of her going into class today.

*The kittens...
I think I simply forgot how much trouble baby anything is. I have had plenty of cats in my day, and actually all from kittenhood now that I think about it, but I don't remember them being this annoying obnoxious hyperactive much work. Maybe because I've never been home all day with them. And two is twice ten times as bad as one. When we first got married we adopted two sibling kittens and I do remember they seemed to egg each other on so much more. Not only did they run around playing more, but they seemed to team up to get into/onto things they shouldn't. Like they gave each other the confidence to be more mischievous. Maybe we should have gone back to just one cat this time.

*The kitchen...
I wish you could see my kitchen right now. I literally wish you could see my kitchen. It is so buried in mess right now, you cannot even see an inch of counter. Or stove. Or sink. I seriously don't think it has ever been this bad since we moved in. And I'm not really sure why it's so dreadful right now... it's not like dishes have been building up for days (cuz that would never happen around here, right?); it was clean yesterday afternoon... counters clear, sink empty. All I did was make meatballs and mashed potatoes for dinner last night, three different breakfasts for three different people this morning, rush the kids out of the house for dance class, come back home to make pumpkin pancakes for lunch, and then rush out of here to get Savannah to school this afternoon. And not clean up a single thing in between. No dishes were done last night, the pans are still sitting on the stove. Cereal boxes, muffin wrappers, and all the ingredients for the pumpkin pancakes litter my counters. And the sink is overflowing. I really should get in there and tackle that.

*The reason I'm not in the kitchen...
is because if I'm in there clanking around and have the water running, I can't hear Sawyer's squeaky door as he comes out of his room for the 214th time. He's supposed to be going down for nap. Why is it that the days Savannah is in school, he won't settle down and go right to sleep? By the time he gets to sleep on these days, I have to wake him up an hour later to go pick her up. And the days we're home, with no pressure on naptime, he drifts right off to sleep no problem. Hold on; have to go put him back in bed for the 215th time since I've sat down here.

*He's trying to turn Amish...
Half the time I go up to his room to remind him to lay down, and every morning when he gets up or after naptime, he has routinely unplugged everything in his room. The problem is, when he's trying to get to sleep, he's complaining because now his sound machine and/or his nightlight are off. I hear him whining in there, so I go in and he tells me "uh-oh", and points to the nightlight. Or the sound machine. Or the lamp. He has three things plugged in in his room and he unplugs them everytime he's in there. I tried to position furniture to cover the outlets when he moved into that room... it just didn't work. I never thought he'd become obsessed though. Ugh. It's like when he's laying there, it drives him nuts to have plugs sticking out of the outlets, but then when he unplugs them all and he's laying there in the dark and quiet, then he's not happy either.
(we have the sliding safety covers, by the way, so even though he can pull them out, he can't even try to get them back in because they're closed up. So I'm not worried about him safety-wise, except um, hello, you are not supposed to play with outlets!!!)

*Painting tonight...
Finally getting around to the guest room. Finally getting rid of that glowing yellow.
We've had the new paint for a few weeks actually, it's just that like always, we put everything off till the last minute. Of course we have guests coming to sleep in that room; why else would we finally be painting it? The Robertsons are coming through town this weekend on their way to Kansas. Excited to see them again and let the boys play (the big ones as well as the toddlers). Then next week my parents are coming for a visit. They'll be here through Halloween and Sawyer's birthday, so that'll be fun.

Alright, I have to seriously go have some words with my son. It's almost 2 o'clock. He's been up since 6 this morning and if he doesn't take a nap, well, that's just not an option.
And then I'm off to attack the kitchen. Wish me luck.


Amie R said...

Well I am glad that painting is on the list, because I don't think we could handle the yellow again! ;) Thanks for putting us up.

By the way, I think I might try to help Ben play with Sawyer more this trip. He has got to learn what to do around other kids!

Mom said...

I was going to say you don't have to paint the room on MY account. I like yellow. But it sounds like Aimee is looking forward to a change.:)

Dan said...

Mallory does the same thing!!! She plays, sings, talks and finally falls asleep an hour before I have to get Maddy from Kindergarten! So I have to wake her up to get Maddy. Madison is on fall break this week and guess what...yup Mal has fallen asleep immediately and taken great naps. How annoying!


mom said...

Sorry, I meant Amie.

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