Saturday, October 27, 2007

got pumpkin?

It was a perfect fall day for the Pumpkin Patch. We got out early and it was bee-you-tee-full!
We went to Rombach's Farm and the kids had fun with so much to do...
a fort, farm animals, pony rides, pumpkin painting, and fields of pumpkins almost as far as we could see.
No, it really wasn't that cold, but I couldn't get SJ to give up the hat (clashing stripes are her specialty). I begged her to take it off for pictures, but she was in one of her moods, meaning I wasn't going to be happy with the pictures either way, so on the head it stayed.
Like a good farm, they had lots of big old things for the kids to climb on and drive
like this old tractor...and this cool antique St. Louis fire truck...
The kids forfeited ponyrides for a go around the cornfield in this cute squeaky train.
Each one of these cars had a little squeeze horn clown honker...
you could hear them coming a mile away. How obnoxious!!

Toward the end of the morning, I finally got Savannah to take her hat off to get her face painted... a cute kitty of course.
(Came in handy as we went to a Halloween Party today,
so she was ready to go with her costume!)

Pumpkin carving tomorrow so stay tuned!


Lance and Heather said...

Hello, we are friends with Russ and Katie and we’ve started a new website ( Check it out. If you like it, we would love for you to post it as a permanent link on your blog so that others can view it as well. Thanks so much, Lance and Heather

Heather S. said...

Hey - we were at Rombach's yesterday, too!! It was ABSOLUTELY beautiful outside!

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