Friday, August 3, 2007

this is exactly what I'm talking about

from Looky Daddy's blog...

I'm Two!

I am thinking of an object, but it is a secret. Bring it to me. Quickly. It will be the third thing you bring me, but it will not matter what it is, as I'll be incoherent by item number two.

Kindly do not suggest we go to the park before I suggest it myself. If you do, I will need to rub my face on the ground in anger.

Pick me up. No, not that way. Pick me up the other way. Nevermind. Try again when I stop screaming. Tomorrow.

May I wash my hands by myself? Very good. First I must let the water run for twenty minutes. Please do not disturb me for the duration or the time will start over from the beginning.

Television is the perfect compliment for any activity, don't you agree? I'm already filling my lungs in anticipation of your response.


Nicole said...

ahh that is great! Reminds me of Purple is a Fruit.

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