Monday, August 13, 2007

i finally figured it out

How to get Sawyer to sleep past 5:30AM...
later bedtime doesn't work.
earlier bedtime doesn't work.
shorter naps don't work.

What's the solution?
Apparently to keep him up from 12:30AM to 1:45AM. That's about the only thing in the last month to keep him in his bed after 6AM.

Yes, we were all mostly awake in the very wee hours of the morning this morning. We didn't honestly need to be; I'll admit it's mostly due to my storm skiddishness. But we did have some strong storms roll through here last night with some major lightening and crazy winds. It's the wind that woke me up, and then the power went out and I lay there for awhile nervously listening to the wind thrash against our house and the thunder grow increasingly angrier, while our room was almost constantly lit up by the lightening out the windows. After about half an hour of listening to it most definitely increasing in intensity, I asked Ryan if he would mind if we moved downstairs. To the basement. It was getting quite warm upstairs and I was amazed the kids were still asleep it was so loud outside. And I knew if SJ woke up, she would be scared of the thunder and not be able to go back to sleep without her music and fan going. So we gathered up the kids and their blankets in the dark and camped out on the big couch in the basement where there was a little bit of relief from the noise for about an hour before the weather finally calmed down and eventually the power came back on. Since none of us really fell back to sleep all cuddled up (if that's what you can call forcing Sawyer to lay down with you reminding him every 60 seconds that it's still nigh-night time and we're all going to sleep) on the couch, we headed back upstairs with the air conditioning back on and I think every one of us was back to sleep as soon as our heads hit their own pillows. And now Sawyer's still sleeping at 7:45.

As far as I know, this storm came in out of the blue. St. Charles, which is right next to us, had record winds last night in the 70mph range. Luckily, we got a much-needed bit of rainfall (almost an inch) and no real wind damage here, other than our backyard toys being strewn all over the neighborhood. But the heat is back on today; we'll have highs over 100 for the next three days. The forecasted low for tomorrow is 81*. Fun, fun. I'm just glad we have our power back, as lots of homes are still without this morning. I think we're going to try and get out of the house for much of the day today and give our a/c a little break.

We had another busy, busy weekend so I'll be back when I have a few minutes today to tell you all about it!


Heather said...

We were all awake at the same time! The storm woke Norah right away and she screamed and screamed! Actually, Lucy slept through the whole thing! We never lost power, though! Have a great day!

Mom/GrammaG said...

Yeah one of the nice things about the Portland area,very few "storms". We are also in need of rainfall though. As for your "figuring it out",I don't think it's gonna be successful,waking Sawyer up everynight for a few hours.Especially cuz it would probably be your job to do it.LOL Keep cool at the pool!XOXOXOOX

K.M. Laughlin said...

We had bad winds too last night...I took some pics of our backyard and have a funny story to tell about it. I'll have to blog about it later! :)

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