Thursday, August 9, 2007

the first houseguests

We really had so much fun with our first visitors this summer! My Uncle John and Aunt Jessica came through town with their three little ones (I guess I can't say that anymore, considering Grace is ELEVEN!!) and stopped in for a visit. They only stayed for two quick nights, but we had a blast. The kids all had a great time together...Ethan(8), Alice(18 mos.), Savannah(4), Grace (11), Sawyer(21 mos.)

Savannah of course had to give a Signing Time lesson

Sawyer and Alice hit if off quite well, considering the toddlers that they are (they are just about 3 months different in age)

I missed the actual kiss, but this is just as Sawyer's going in for one sharing a stroller ride back from the pool...

We spent most of the afternoon in the water

And Savannah absolutely loved hanging out and playing with her big cousins the whole day... she adored Grace and Gracie was so good to her; doing her hair, playing dress up and restaurant with her, reading to her, drawing with her.

Ryan and John went out to see The Simpsons movie last night while us girls and Ethan had a little craft time. Ethan made a craft stick raft he's anxious to try out, and Grace and I worked on making one of my favorite projects -my photo books. She designed it all herself and it turned out adorable!! I think she's pretty excited to get home and get some summertime pictures and memories on her bright and fun pages! Grace- be sure and send me a pic when you have it filled up!

Jessica and I had a chance to just hang out and visit a lot and it was really nice. I really am so glad that they thought to stop in and spend a little time with us. It was so to see everyone... I'm definitely hoping to work out visits more often!

I recruited another one to the blogging world!!
I helped Jessica start up a family blog while they were here and she did her very first post last night! She was a little unsure of everything, but ready to jump in and figure it out, and I know in no time they'll have that thing cute and fun and full of the ins and outs of the everyday life of their awesome family! Yay! I am so looking forward to keeping up with these guys on a more regular basis; hearing more of Jessica's great, light, but grounded take on their world, John's dry sense of humor, commentary from Ethan (as well as his first successful raft launch) and the musings of the exceptionally literate Grace. Maybe Alice will get a few random keystrokes in there too!
Here's the new Berke Family blog if you want to take a peek!


K.M. Laughlin said...

It looks like you ALL had a ton of fun! Yeah!

Mom said...

Ok,had trouble posting a comment again.Don't know what's going on.Here goes guys managed to do a LOT of fun stuff in a short time!Ethan and Grace are great kids,I knew Savannah would love them.Glad that Sawyer and Alice seemed to get along so well too. Wish I could have been there!XOXOXO

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