Monday, July 9, 2007

just keep swimming

He's ready for the pool!
This is getting to be a part of our daily routine around here. Awesome!
Of all the reasons I love having "our own pool" around the corner, what I'm finding I love the most is the slight change of our napping/bedtime schedules... a little secret I didn't realize is that the pool is a stay at home mom's savior in the summer. Here's our newly developing schedule: eat a really early and light lunch right at 11am, head straight over to the pool and swim until about 1 or even 2 (or until Sawyer falls apart, whichever comes first), come home and take a nice long late nap, and wake up ...just in time for Daddy to come home!. Then of course, after dinner Daddy wants to take a dip in the pool, so back to the water we go and swim swim swim until about 7pm. Come home, take a couple of nice baths and they're still in bed by 8! Between the big pool and the wading pool, along with the collection of floaties and water toys we're rotating through, the kids never get bored of the water... I think we're set for the summer! Honestly, the only time I have to "entertain" them is until 11am! Then the rest of the day is taken care of. How nice is that?!
And can I just mention how great these kids are sleeping
with all this sun and water play?! Again, awesome!


K.M. Laughlin said...

So cute!!! We miss you guys! Are you available Friday when I come into town for my doctor appt? Maybe we can grab lunch and hang out for awhile! :)

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