Sunday, January 3, 2010


Time to recount one of my favorite traditions of the year... our New Years Day Dinner with friends!

This year's make-up was almost completely different as we had two regular families out of town and some newbies to make up for it. And I just realized, no one at dinner was local... everyone came long distance to join us this year!! The Laughlins were in attendance as well as the Robertsons all the way from Indiana and the Massenas who live in Lincoln, IL. The Indy Laughlins were also supposed to come as they were headed home from holidays in Columbia, but ended up with a sickie so they bailed. We were expecting 10 adults and 10 kids, we ended up with 8 and 8, but if everyone who usually comes had been around it would have been more like 14 adults and 15 kids!! Crazy!

So. Dinner.
I'll leave it to the pictures...

Our menu (click to enlarge to read)

The traditional Peppermint Pig

The whole gang for 2010...
(minus Savannah who went upstairs to read before lunch/dinner and fell asleep and missed the entire party. Ryan finally woke her up almost five hours later and yes, she had a fever that night. :( )

Malones and Swinigans we missed you guys! Happy New Year!!

And I know it's silly to say on, oh, the third of January, but I can't wait to start getting ready for next years' dinner! I love it!!

[eta: there are a few more fun pics over at Kasey's blog!]


Mom said...

Your table looked wonderful once again.No surprise. Nice job!XOXOXOXXO

Heather S. said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Sorry we missed it!!

Dan and Amanda said... bummed we couldn't make it! Maddy cried when we told her we were just going to head home. How's Savannah?

Christina said...

Love you decor! What a special party you put on each year for your friends. Many memories you all made I bet.

Steph said...

Wow, your table looked beautiful! I love the colors.

kim said...

you always do the coolest party decor! :) looks awesome!

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