Tuesday, March 25, 2008

prediction and inquisition

I'm predicting almost zero accomplished today.
This morning we're going to a MOPS group with a new friend at church, followed by lunch out together. This afternoon it's supposed to be sunny and 65*, so I'm hoping to let the kids run around out of doors as long as they want to. This evening Ryan's not coming home from work as he's got a hot date at the Blues/Redwings game, so I'm single parenting it for the bewitching hour and dinner and bedtime following. Which then probably leaves me a few hours after the kids' bedtime on my own to be productive, but by that point I'm going to guess I will just want to veg out on the computer or curl up with a book. Or go to bed early. I suppose I should stock up on some sleep in anticipation of this weekend. :)

So I'm pretty much wiping today out of my to-do list schedule. Which means tomorrow I'm going to be running around like crazy trying to get stuff done and cleaned up and packed up to take off the next morning!! I just want to enjoy the sunny friendly day with the kids and worry about all that stuff later. Like the true procrastinator that I am....

So while I'm busy all day, I have an assignment for you...
I've never been one to care or keep track of stats on my blogs as some do. Sure it's interesting where people are coming from, who looks at my pages, how they get there and where they go from here... but I just don't care enough to take the time to look through all that, like ever. So for me this little Live Traffic Feed I have at the bottom of my sidebar is entertainment enough. It simply shows the last 10 visitors to this page at any given time and it's interesting the locations I notice that come up on there!

I have a regular visitor from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina... usually some other random visitors from other parts of Brazil, tons from all over different (and very remote) parts of Canada, and today one I hadn't seen before from Paris, France! I have regular visitors in Utah and in Arizona, New Mexico, all over Michigan, in Seattle and LA and other random cities that I can't track down to people or bloggers that I know. And that's just in the times I think to come here myself and glance over at the feed.
So in the interest of satisfying my curiosity, can you do me a favor?
If you come across this post today's the day... leave me a comment...
Whether you're a regular reader, a friend or family I know is keeping tabs on us, a friend I've met through the blogging world, a silent observer, a lurker, stalker or a complete stranger who's never stumbled across this page before... just leave me a quick comment. *And that means you, family who I know read but never comment!*
And just so you have something to say, answer me these three questions:
-Where do you live
-If I don't know you, how did you happen to stumble across this blog sweet blog of mine and
-What's the weather like where you're at today?

Ready?... Comment!!
(if you've never left a comment before, all you have to do is click by that little word balloon right down here at the end of this post where it says '3 comments'. Then at the bottom of the comments click where it says 'post a comment' and have at it!)


karicarp said...

Hi Heather. I am a frequent lurker! You are in my bloglines feeds so I catch up pretty often. I live in Onsted, Michigan. I think I stumbled here like a year ago from Nicole's blog. The weather here is windy, cold and YUCKY!! Gotta LOVE Michigan :-(

K.M.L said...

Columbia, Missouri
you gave me your blog address
weather is weird right now. not cloudy, but not sunny...hopefully we'll have sunshine later! :)
See you tomorrow!!!!

Jac said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog from Nicole's a couple of weeks ago. I am in Winston-Salem, NC and it is sunny but a chilly 39 degrees here this morning.

Katie said...

Hey, you know me and all about this crazy weather! Have a great day!

anne said...

Hi Heather! I just recently started reading your blog on a more-frequent basis. I think I found you from Kim's (just my type) blog. Anyhoo- I live in Minneapolis, MN, and we have crappy weather of temps in the 30s and snow on the ground. And I have a question for you about commenting on a blogger site...how do I get my comment name to link to my blog? (It's not a blogger blog, but wordpress). Thanks! Have fun in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Mesa, Arizona
weather here is beautiful- 80 degrees and sunny
found your blog thru Nicoles blog... never commented before (sorry about that!) But i do love to read what you have to say :)

Jennifer Cowan said...

St. Louis (Ballwin), MO
I found your blog thru Nicole (she took pictures of my little girl when she visited you in the Lou).
Same overcast but nice temp day you are having! Don't you love St. Louis weather, have you figured out yet that our meteorologists here are horrible?

Mom said...

Just checking in from cloudy and cool(cold 40) Aloha OR,where it is currently NOT raining but probably will be before the end of the day.Thinking back on the times I tried to prepare for a getaway when you guys were little.I NEVER felt ready to go,but ALWAYS enjoyed the time away.AND the homecoming was especially sweet!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Erin said...

leave the to-do list for today. Enjoy your kids. Sending you the comment love from Paducah, KY where it is sunny and probably low 50's. Ryan and I graduated from GC together.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Kristi Sauer from Hugo, Minnesota and
I know you through Nicole Barczak.
It is overcast and 42' here right now.
I used to check my stats a lot until I put the damn password up. Now most people have forgotten all about poor little me......

Michelle Leigh said...

Hey Heather, I'm from Lino Lakes, MN, a suburb of St. Paul. I found you through Nicole maybe? I don't remember. It's mid forties and cloudy. Pretty ugly here. Hope you find your "interesting" lurkers. I should add that feature! Sounds like fun!

Kim said...

duluth minn
through nicole
and, picture dreary and 35 degrees. that's duluth baby. :)

LeeAnn | {froggyleggs} said...

Hey Heather, LeeAnn here. And although I don't comment on your blog as often as I should, I read it religiously! Its on my google reader and when I only have time to read a few, I make sure you are one that I read! :) Btw, in case you don't remember I met you through cheeky monkeys moms group in Jackson, HAH! See ya friday!!

my3buckaroos said...

Beaverton, OR
It's surprisingly sunny right now, but expecting rain any minute.
I try and check your blog on a regular basis and comment when requested. :)

Nicole said...

Hi there! Its me... you know. I found you through... YOU! :)

I'm from Michigan, of course, and the weather is cold, windy and gray today. Ick. Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hello there Heather,

First of all you have to forgive my poor English :)
My name is Yvette,I am 32, single, no kids, I am a Brazillian and live in the South of Brazil, almost border with Argentina, live on an island called Florianopolis.
Its a great place to live, and pretty much like summer weather all year long. So today it was a hot nice day, sky couldnt be bluer :)
I came across your blog ... about 8 months ago, or so, and since then I cant go one day wihtout checking on you guys. I find it awesome to learn about people that live their lives totally and diferently from mine, I simply love to experience new cultures.

You have a beautifull family, I wish you guys all the blessing and happiness.
Sorry I dont have a blog, so if you would like to drop me a note my email is: yvettebrasil@yahoo.com

Have a great evening up there and a great trip.

jessica said...

Oh, how cool is this. I have loved reading about all the people that read you! Sometimes I love your ideas and I feel bad to steal them for my own blog. Maybe I need to get over that.

I'm in Austin, MN. Your mom introduced me to your blog, and I've been hooked ever since--to yours and others.

Our weather today was nice(r), in the 40s, but it was accompanied by a wind. Less nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! I'm Melissa, from Surpise, AZ. I stumbled across your blog from Nicole's blog.
The weather here today was in the upper 80's. Nice & sunny. My boys have been wearing shorts to preschool for weeks now.
Love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I'm Heidi's friend Alexis. I found your blog through hers. Here in Beaverton OR its nice and rainy. I'm always surprised when I hear that its snowing there, or 70+ degrees...here as you know, is almost always cloudy and rainy. Except August.

Ferris Family said...

Hi Heather, I'm Sheri, I graduated from GC with Ryan. I think I found your blog thru Kasey's.
We are in St. Louis too, same crappy weather here.

Tracy said...

Rockford, Illinois
Through Nicole Barczak blog
chilly, windy, 40ish degrees...still waiting for spring!!

jessica said...

-I live near the Twin Cities, MN
-I am not sure how I first found your blog. I think through Nicole.
-It was almost 50 today, hooray!

I wish I were coming to Chicago too!

Anonymous said...

(Sheepishly)I totally forgot to comment when I was here earlier! :)

I'm Nicole, I live in St. Louis so you know what it was like today, and I found your blog through Heather's. And I don't miss a day of reading. I love that you post as often as I do!

Anonymous said...

Ontario, Ca
Graduated with Ryan
Hotter than I would like - had to turn the AC on today....high 80's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather. My name is Jennifer and I live in Mt. Holly, North Carolina. I found your blog through Nicole's. You have a beautiful family. I myself have a wonderful husband and two handsome boys who are 6 and 8. The weather here has been in the 30's in the a.m and then warming up to around 70 in the p.m. I hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

My name is Michelle , I live in Toronto, Ontario, CAnada and came across your blog via Nicole Barczak's blog. Came across her from her site on Scrapjazz....love both of your blogs...and have thought about starting my own but have no idea how to start!

Today, it's a beautiful sunny day here. We just got another dump of snow (will it ever melt?) and it's about 0 degrees celcius (32F)at the moment....too cold for me...will spring ever come?

Anonymous said...

I'm Suzanne aka KC Jayhawk. I found your blog through Nicole Diehl. I live in Kansas City, more specifically Overland Park. It's cooler today (50's) and looks like it might rain. Yuck.

Ryan said...

Hi Heather,
This is your husband. I try to read everyday before I come home from work so that I find out what kind of day you have had and how many drinks you are going to require that evening. This is also a good place to find out what I did wrong.
Thanks for keeping everyone up to date with our little family, I know that I appriciate it!
Love ya,

jenny said...

okay - your hubby's comment just cracked me up!

silver bay, minnesota.
found you through nicole b.
37* with a blue sky, sun, and wind.

Nicole said...

Am I your blog pimp or what? How many readers found you through me LOL! Do I get commission or something? HAHA!

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

Hey Heather, you may remember me...we used to be friends when you lived here? (HaHa)! Anyway, right now it is somewhat stormy day, low 40's, we went to a kid-friendly cafe in Sherwood this morning, Myles Away Cafe to get out of the house for a bit. Enjoy your fun weekend.

Mary said...

Hey Heather......I'm from a town 20 min south of Boston, MA.
I can't remember how I found your blog? I blog hop a lot!
It was a beautiful day today! Sunny around 55 :)

Jen said...

Hi Heather, I'm another reguar reader that found you through Nicole's blog. I'm from Guelph, Ontario Canada and it is still freezing -15 today and another storm just finished. We still have snow well past our knees in the yard. Love your blogs and your pictures. Take care, Jen

Zoe said...

as you already know i came by way of nicole. michigan center michigan. today it was sunny! yahooo!

Amanda said...

Hi - I'm obeying the command to post a comment, and I figured since I actually got a shout out in your post, I REALLY should comment!
My name is Amanda and I am your Paris reader! I am actually from the beautiful state of Oregon, but went to college in Iowa and am studying in Paris, so my location is somewhat jumbled up.
I have NO CLUE how I stumbled across your blog, I really don't, but I enjoy reading!
Weather wise, Paris is much like Oregon (rainy) but a little warmer. We're finally starting to move toward spring I think, temps in the upper 50s with partly cloudy skies and some showers this week.
I just added a country tracker to my own blog, and I've been shocked by the amount of traffic I get...maybe I should follow your lead and do a "lurker" call out :)

Lex - @laprimera said...

Hello! I usually read through your feed. I don't remember how I started reading. I'm sorry. But I've been reading for a while now. :) I live in the greater Los Angeles area. Today, the weather was around 70 degrees. It's supposed to warm up a little more this weekend. Yay!

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