Thursday, January 3, 2008


So it's only the 3rd already, by the time I'm finally getting around to posting about our big dinner. We had a great New Years Day, and then yesterday we were all recovering, enjoying our last day of "vacation" and the last day of the Barczak's visit. They headed home yesterday afternoon and my Ryan's back at work today, and it seems just a little too quiet around here now. *Sigh* Time to get back in the normal routine of the new year!

But first- our dinner!!
We started this "tradition" last year:
"We're having a big New Years dinner party this afternoon with some friends, and I'm so excited! Ryan and had been talking the last couple of years about how we really wanted to have one holiday that was more of a "friend" holiday where every year we gather together and have a big ol' dinner with lots of friends. Since no one ever does much for New Year's, we thought that would be a good one to pick. So we're trying to start a tradition here. Ultimately I'm thinking it will be so neat to look back years from now and remember who was here with us each year, how the group has changed, how things have changed (including the kids!) and stuff like that. I think it will be nice to have the same "background" for those memories and host a fun dinner every year."
Here are the few pics and stuff from last year.

This year I was super excited about our Second Annual New Years Day Dinner! (cuz I get excited about silly stuff like Second Annual!) (and I have new actual matching dining room furniture!) (and we love having people over!) (and I like any excuse to get excited!!)

The Barczaks get the gold star for attendance, being that they were the only ones (besides us hosts) to attend the dinner same as last year. It meant so much to us that they would drive down from MI to visit and be a part of our celebration! That's some dedication there! We love you guys!!
Other than the Barczaks, it was just us locals around here, including Kasey driving in from Columbia (Mike had to work).
Next year we're looking forward to an even bigger turn-out, as our good friends The Robertsons will have moved up to Indiana from Nashville and will have a much shorter trip to be here!!

Anyway, on to the pics...
I meant to do better in the picture taking department this year, but for obvious reasons, ended up in the kitchen before dinner, more than behind the camera. At one point I looked into the family room from in front of the stove, and all three girls (Erin, Kasey and Nic) had their cameras out and were snapping away at something cute. So if you're looking for more pics, they all have plenty, and well, here I only have a few to show off...

the table

the place settings

the menu

(you can click on this to see the full sized image if you want to read about all the symbolism in our menu)

the togetherness

some girls gabbing

some boys playing

some boys getting ready for a card game (and Porter getting ready for bed!)

Next year I vow to get a group shot of everyone together before dinner!!
Thank you to all our friends who joined us to celebrate. We love you all!
And wee missed those of you who couldn't be with us.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year to Everyone!


K.M.L said...

That is the WORST picture of Me...yucky! What am I doing with my face? gross! :)

Gabe said...

The table looks beautiful and the menu is so clever.
I love it!

Nicole said...

OMG I'm dying at Kasey's comment!! HAHAHA!

I love your table pics. So funny how two (err... three) people can take pics of the same table and come up with different things!

We are so glad to have been there this year again! Can't wait to see you next year. With even more chaos in tow. TWO little boys HAHAHA!

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

Kasey's comment is so funny! I was thinking she'd be the first to post something about that pic. I hope you never get the chance to post a pic of me like that! Not nice! Your party looks SO beautiful and fun. I love how your black table looks with the red and white.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until next year!!! Amie R

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