Friday, November 4, 2016

taking stock

"In 2007 when I started blogging (yup, it’s been a while) I met women from across the world who had voices to share – some of those women have dusty blogs….that I’m hoping they’ll reset passwords and take stock for themselves."
Thanks for the extra nudge Cass.

It's been two and a half years since I've written here. TWO AND A HALF YEARS.
I don't even know what to say. Except that I'm here.
And I need to write.
I've really been feeling it the last few months... that urge to spill my thoughts on paper screen. I've missed it so. I have always, always, always been a journal-er and there is always something that feels missing when I'm not.
So I'm here.

And I'm just going to jump back in with some easy!
Currently I am...

Making: plans, plans and more plans. Meal plans, trip plans, babysitter plans, party plans and the list goes on and on. Seems I've constantly got something spinning the wheels in my brain these days. It never ends.

Drinking: water. Boring.

Reading: Heart Made Whole by Christa Black Gifford. Still. Slowly. Soaking it in. Having great discussions on it with a group of amazing women walking through it together. Big stuff.

Wanting: to go back to Aruba. Bad.

Looking: at the outdated pictures on my wall. Except for one or two in the dining room, we have no pictures of our youngest two children displayed in our home. All the pictures framed on our walls and such are at least six years old. I'm horrible.

Deciding: between making or buying the ice cream cake Sawyer requested for his little birthday party this weekend. I think laziness will win in the end.

Enjoying: the new TV shows we've been watching this year. This Is Us, Designated Survivor, and Poldark are at the top of that list.

Liking: backyard lunchtime picnics with the littles in this gorgeous weather. Even if they don't really eat anything because they're too busy having fun. That's what it's all about. We've been doing this almost whenever we have chance and it's awesome.

Loving: said gorgeous weather. It FINALLY cooled off and now it's all sunshine and 70 degrees and I will take all of that I can get. It's Fall y'all.

Listening: to Coen chattering over the monitor while he's upstairs for rest time. He never naps anymore, but he needs the down time. WE need the downtime.

Buying: too many little girl clothes. Way too many. I can't stop. I feel like I'm catching up from spending basically the past ten years buying for baby boys and now I'm making up for lost time. There's a package that was just delivered on our front step as we speak.

Hoping: we get some snow this year.

Wearing: Yoga pants and tee. It's Friday.

Disliking: The election and how what was designed to create a strong union has deteriorated to show the weakness in our one republic and insulted much of what we were created to stand for.

Opening: aforementioned package. It wasn't the package I thought it was after all... it's Ryan's new toy: the Google Home smart speaker.

Embracing: this season. Right now. Where we all are. And getting back to documenting that like it's my job. Because it is. To capture the memories in writing and in photos... I want to get back to that and have that to look back on. I need that. My kids need that. I love it. I'm on it.


Sarah pohlman said...

I'm SO glad you're back! Looking forward to more posts in the future. You inspire me to do and be more as a mom. Also, looking forward to spending time with you soon!

heather said...

Sarah, you're too sweet!
And I think you have me slightly overrated. Just slightly. ;)
But yes, so excited for our weekend!! Yay!

Nicole said...

I'm going to COMMENT! AHHH! I'm excited to join in on this with you again. LET'S DO THIS! #priorities (oh wait. hashtags aren't a blog thing... hahaha! #whatever)

K.M.L said...

Yay!!! So excited to really make this a priority again!

Anonymous said...

I love reading anything you've written and about ANYTHING you've done and/or have gone through. You truly do INSPIRE. Also, you kinda make me want to blog...Sarah Pearson ♡

heather said...

Ahaha! Comments rock! Hashtag away :)

heather said...

Sarah! DO IT!!!

Cassandra McCrory said...

Loved catching up with you!!!!

Kristi said...

I'm here!! I'm reading!!!! You've (and Nicole) have inspired me to get back to blogging again. Thank you!

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