Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the see was sawed

Savannah somehow, some time ago, got a hankering for some teeter-tottering in her head and has not stopped mentioning it almost daily for weeks. Months?  Seriously... "can we go to a park with see-saws?","do you know where a park is with see-saws?","is there a park near the soccer field with see-saws?","can we get a see-saw for our backyard?", with every mention (or not) of anything outdoors.

After admitting (for the hundredth time) that I don't know of any see-saw/teeter-totters around --my kids call them see-saws while I call them teeter-totters... potayto, potahto anyone??-- but I showed her this plan and told her to start bugging her dad about it...
She and Sawyer agreed to pay for the supplies and help with the project.
This was last Friday. Of what happened to have coincidentally been "Labor" day weekend. By Sunday it was on.

It was a family affair in the garage.  Mostly the baby just watched, and SJ helped him out with a little ear protection when the saw was on, but the rest of us all got our hands in it at some point.

A (few) trip(s) to Lowe's, about $30 and just a few hours later and ta-da...

They're already discussing plans to break the world record a la Bobby and Cindy Brady.


Mom said...

That is just SOOO cool. And I love that they are referencing the Bradys'.Thanks for sharing! XOX

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