Friday, August 23, 2013

hello friday

Well, hello Friday.  Here so soon?
Actually I was wondering if you'd ever get here.
I am beginning to wonder if that's how my weeks are going to be from here on out... a crazy mix of "the days are long but the years are short" mindset.  Every single day I can't believe it's only Monday, only Tuesday, only Wednesday, not yet Friday and then all of a sudden the week is done and I don't know what happened with time's fly-by.

But it is Friday.
Hello middle school skate night. (a bit scary!)
Hello no-plans-weekend. (minus soccer practice.)
Hello to some real August weather. (finally!)
Hello to entertaining the idea of repainting a bedroom.
Hello to probably not really doing it. ;)
Hello new favorite song my husband introduced to me... which makes it better than just me hearing it myself. ;) It's a cheery little song to have stuck in your head...
"Some days are better than other days, but these days life is better with you"


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