Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the rest of our summer

We crossed quite a bit off our list in our short two months of summer.

We went to STL; Six Flags, the Science Center, a [non]baseball game, and Circus Flora.

We went to the drive-in (Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University)

We managed to hit the lake a couple of times

We camped in the backyard

We had lemonade stands

We did VBS

We passed two sessions of ARC swim instruction

We miniature golfed

We slept in and stayed up late, we watched way too much tv (Full House is the new obsession) and played way too many video games, we chased fireflies and slipped and slid down the slip 'n slide, we made fudge pops and s'mores, we did three great puzzles and played lots and lots of card and board games.

And of course we swam. And swam and swam and swam. Coen was a summertime pool champ.  Seriously could hang out there all day.  He love, love, loves the water and otherwise, he was always happy to chill and nap in the stroller. We spent hours at a time down here... five hours one afternoon and not a peep of complaint from our littlest swimmer. :)

It's been a great summer... so sad to see it end this year!


Mom said...

You had an AWESOME summer. Thanks for sharing..kinda helps us feel like we didnt actually miss it ALL. (sigh)LOVE the pictures! XOXOXOXXO

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