Thursday, May 2, 2013

three, three, three

Coen's three months old today.  It's hard to believe he's been around here as long as he has been and how much he's changed in these almost three months.  He's a rockstar sleeper, he's a champion smiler, he's happy-go-lucky like I've never seen (and I've had pretty laid-back kids!), and we are just loving him up.

This guy is a scooter already.  When we go to get him up in the morning, he's a good foot or two north of where he started out in the crib the night before.  And that's while he's swaddled and in a sleep positioner all night!  When he's on the floor playing now, if I leave him alone for any amount of time, when I look back I find him in a completely different spot.  Under the playgym he just leaves the toys behind... he's outta there! 

He's got himself a little girlfriend over today... I'm helping out a fellow foster mommy who has a new baby that's too young to go to daycare, so baby's hanging out with us for a few days the next couple of weeks.  She's just three weeks old and is just too precious!  So far our day has been way better than I anticipated... I made Ryan hang around a bit this morning (he usually leaves before any of us even get up) so I didn't have to juggle two babies and try to get two kids off to school bright and early, but the two tiny ones have even been super kind to me the rest of the day... even coordinating naps so that I've had a couple hours of two sleeping babes today.  Sweet!


Mom said...

So wish I could cuddle that sweet pea. And see him without his "splot" .XOXOXOX

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