Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I just have to say that we have been blessed with the absolute best teachers I could have wished for in our three (three?!) school years here so far.  Each of the teachers we have known personally have been strong Christians whom I have known pray diligently for our kids and their classrooms.
The teachers in our school as a whole are a great community and make a fabulous team; they strike such a wonderful balance with really, truly partnering with involved parents to educate these kids and prompt them to flourish in life, while also doing their best (and an impressive) job of filling in the gaps where there might not be so much parent involvement.
Our teachers have very much been our kids' friends; not in a peer-friends type way, but in being that adult, leader, respected authority figure while also getting down on their level and getting to know and care about them personally to come along side these kids to truly reach them and teach them.  I honestly feel like our teachers know our kids and care about not only their education, but about so many little details that make up their little lives.  I consider most of them real friends of ours and I'm am beyond thankful that we ended up in this school and that we have been blessed with the opportunity to have these influences in our children's lives.
I consider it a privilege to have them on "our team".
(this also includes SJ's awesome piano teacher who was formerly the music teacher at our school) :)

With all that being said, it may come as no surprise that Sawyer's teacher came to his baseball game last night to cheer him on. He was beyond thrilled.

Sawyer made an awesome out that he was super proud of, and the best part was that he had the last and winning hit of the night; a double to bring in the two final runs to come from behind and win the game!! 
To top it off, he was presented with the Game Ball in the after-game huddle...

Love this little baseball guy and I'm thankful for the team surrounding him...
both on and off the baseball field. :)


Mom said...

Blessed indeed. XOXOXOX

Grandma Debbie said...

That was so awesome of his teacher.....completely above and beyond her duty, so nice! Of course Sawyer is very special and who could resist him? So glad he is doing so well with softball & enjoying it so much! Go Sawyer! We love this special guy and would love to see a game in person some day!

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