Friday, April 12, 2013


This boy is pretty awesome.

He slept thru the night a couple of weeks ago and he's sleeping 10 hrs a night now probably 80% of the time.  The other times it's seven or eight hours.  What's a momma to do? ;)

He love, love, loves bathtimes... smiles the whole way through, just so relaxed, chillin' in the warm bubbles.  Loves it.

He's pretty smiley in general these days.  He was a slow starter when it came to smiling, but they're out in full force now. :) Wish I could show more pictures.

He's decided suddenly this week that he NEEDS something in his mouth to go to sleep.  Problem is, he can't keep a pacifier in (his little bit of tongue-tie doesn't help) and he can't find his fingers to save his life (although he tries and tries and tries).  (if you ask me, it looks like he really wants to be a thumb/finger sucker.  I'm pushing for the binkie.)
He'll still go right to sleep for bedtime at night and sleep through, but daytime naptimes have been a struggle.  Ugh. Cannot wait for him to be able to get something in his mouth on his own. Even if it's fingers... at this point I just want him to figure it out already!

He weighed in this week at 10lbs, 9oz... he's still a little guy, but he's come so far from when he arrived here, it's crazy. And it's funny, cuz everyone comments on how chubby he's getting... in reality he's still got a pretty scrawny little bod- no rolls on his thighs or anything- but it's all in his cheeks and his little double chin.  If you just look at his face, you see a chubby little bubby, that's for sure!
He's such a little trooper, being dragged around town with us... the kids' ball game schedules have been crazy, at least one each night, sometimesfboth of them on the same night so we have to divide and conquer, and then a few over the weekends. They've been trying to cram in rain make-ups so I think that's why it's been so busy... I'm looking at the calendar for next week and see we only have three games total all week... hallelujah!
Anyway, everyone loves him when we're out, constantly commenting on how much he's grown and changed almost every time they see him.  And his hair.  Always the comments on his hair.  Although it's calmed down a ton and it's not standing up in every direction, there is still a ton of it. :)
One evening we were at SJ's game and a grandma came up and said, "I know your baby's dressed all in blue, but that's gotta be a girl with all that hair!" Wha...?  Um, no, he's a boy with all that hair. HA!


Mom said...

What a sweetheart.Wish we COULD see more pictures.He looks like a real cutie.Sad we missed meeting him. But it won't be long before we meet baby Osbourne.We are getting pretty excited.Who knows,he could be almost Coen's size! :0)XOXOX

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