Thursday, March 14, 2013

because what could be more interesting?

This is the excitement of my blogging this week.
A day in the life...
(yesterday, to be exact)

6:30am: get kids up, lunches made, pray baby doesn't wake up 'til they're mostly ready (although it's highly doubtful since he's been sleeping since 2am), oh yes, there he is, feed baby while simultaneously trying to get the kids out the door

7:30am: wave to the kids as they ride by on the bus, play with baby a bit while checking emails (received picture of baby's 13mo old brother... adorable!) and getting happy texts (new Robertson baby!! ♥), check ranking for 1st week of weight loss challenge, work on meal plan for the day

8:30am: baby sleeping again, weed out some baby clothes that he's outgrown (already!), start laundry, make a greek yogurt/blueberry/spinach/chia seed smoothie in efforts of aforementioned weight loss challenge, dink around on the computer a bit whilst sipping said smoothie

9:30am: get dressed for the day, more laundry, clean up kitchen, bake cookie bars for community church group tonight. let's skip over the part where I spilled almost an entire container of sugar.

10:30am: baby up, bottle, bath

11:30am: baby back to bed, clean up kitchen again, more laundry

12:30pm: make some lunch (tuna salad)(minus mayo after I realized our mayo was bad) more laundry, pack baby's bag, work on project for group

1:30pm: drop baby off for supervised therapeutic visits with parents, stop at store for formula and more white chocolate chips for cookie bar frosting. we'll ignore the two dozen other items that made it home with me.

2:30pm: head home to meet the kids after school,
gather them up and head back to pick up baby

3:30pm: back home, homework, piano practice, finish up laundry

4:30pm: baby won't nap, feed baby instead, start dinner, frost cookie bars, thank the Lord it's not a piano/baseball/softball day, Ryan gets home

5:30pm: dinner (spaghetti and garlic toast) amidst complaining that we made the kids turn off The Brady Bunch

6:30pm: church group at friends' house, kids run around like crazy, adults chat away, cookies bars successfully devoured

7:30: more of the same

8:30: home, baby fed, all kids in bed, Ryan and I look at the clock and wonder how early is too early to go to bed ourselves...

and then start over tomorrow. Minus the cookie bars.
(excellent cookie bar recipe, by the way... make these!!)


anne said...

wheee! must be a whirlwind to just have a newborn handed to you to weave into the mix of daily life:)

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