Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We got an early start on this year's valentines around here...
I think I've finally learned my lesson (ha! -yeah, right) in taking advantage of the quiet(er) moments around here, not having any idea when our next chaos will arrive. 

That, and I knew I had stuff going on each and every evening this week leading up to Valentines Day, so we had to be on top of it.

The kids and I brainstormed, with some pinterest browsing thrown in there, awhile ago, and they had zeroed in on a couple that they liked;
Sawyer liked the crazy-straw idea he saw here (and we added the brilliant idea of the Kool-Aid with it) and Savannah really wanted to do friendship bracelets like these
**I love how I had meant all along to try and steer them away from candy ideas and it turns out they could care less about candy valentines without prodding after all!**

So I gathered party straws and found single serving Kool-Aids at Walmart and then Savannah and I spent a few hours last weekend making up 20 friendship bracelets.
Okay, truth be told the 'Savannah and I' was really mostly just I... turns out she's too much of a perfectionist and each bracelet would have taken her forever with lots of frustrations, so she made a few for her out-of-class friends and her brother, while I mostly cranked out the bracelets for her classmates (we did this kind for the bulk of them, fyi).  But Savannah did put a lot of time and effort into deciding what colors should be made for each person; if she knew their favorite colors, colors they wear a lot of, favorite teams, etc.  It was fun and she's excited about giving them. :)

And after I printed out some quick cards (if you know me, you know I can't pass up a good pun for valentines!) for their goodies, they got to assembling and signing them yesterday after school:

Sawyer: Valentine, you're so KOOL you make me LOOPY!
SJ: Our class would KNOT be the same without you!
Happy Hearts Day, all!


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