Monday, January 7, 2013

post holiday

Not sure where to start.
I had every intention of blogging along with our holidays.  The holidays themselves were nice... laid back and relaxing, with my parents here for Christmas (two weeks) and friends here for New Years.  Lots of lazy days and games and food and loved ones.  So nice.

But I'm also still in this funk.
Anxious for some news over the holidays, and still in limbo over that.
And just not truly able to shake the sullen, discouraged, just feel kind of out of it funk I've had for the past month.

Maybe getting back to routines today will help.
The kids back to school this morning.
Ryan back to work.
Me back to... laundry catch-up and cleaning and the usual reorganizing/purging after the holidays.
And blogging.
Trying to jump back in...


Cass. Just Curious said...

After 2.5 weeks of limbo getting back into the routine of life last week was both a ready experience and hard (like, dude, hard). Sometime on Thursday I said to myself: show me some patience - I'll get there.

I did. Hoping today is perfectly restorative.

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