Monday, November 5, 2012

he's seven. SEVEN! seven???!!?

He's now a tall, lean, loud, handsome, boisterous, talkative, obnoxious, smart, funny, lovable, affectionate, thoughtful, excited, opinionated, independent, Mario-obsessed, newly crushing on Star Wars, fearless, curious, talented, confident, brand new seven (SEVEN!)(seven????!??!) year old.

And he's the best one I know.

Birthday sundaes at school (it was Fun Run/crazy socks day)...

Birthday Movie right after (Wreck It Ralph... it was awesome!)...

Birthday cupcakes (with Nutella Buttercream frosting!!) and presents finally after dinner...

He opened a few mailed packages early since we knew we'd be so busy on his actual birthday, so
I have more pics than this, but here's a few to start:
Thanks Aunt Jenn!

Thanks Gramma and Grandpa G!

Thanks Gramma Debbie and Grandpa Andy!

And gee, can you tell what his favorite surprise gift was?? ;)

Stay tuned for party pics from the weekend. :)


Mom said...

It's really hard to believe that Sawyer can be seven!!Even though Grampa G IS turning 57!!So glad that at least we got to be there for those first 4 birthdays!(they were sure fun)Doesn't seem THAT long ago.LOVE the birthday pics with the presents.!!THANKS!!He sure does look happy!Can't wait to see pics of the big party!XOXOX

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