Thursday, October 4, 2012

i so keep thinking it's friday

The week started out fine, but somehow, somewhere around Tuesday, I was suddenly convinced it should be the end of the week already.
Yesterday (Wednesday), I kept thinking it was Thursday... or Friday even.
So today everything in my head is telling me it has got to be Friday already!!

I feel like we've had a busy-ish week, but I think my brain is just in permanent chaos, so it probably just feels that way.

We started off the week with our good friends the Robertsons here.  Which means Monday morning when we said our goodbyes and the kids were off to school, we started off with my house left in the complete shambles you might expect after 7 kids have hit it.  (with five of those being boys).
It's now Friday Thursday and it still hasn't recovered.

I've been trying to be good about being sure to be motivated and getting stuff done when I can because I never know what I will be able to accomplish when I have both babies here. Because it's a different story when there are two babies around here. And that's been this week.  All week, Monday thru Friday.
And these two babies have decided to work together and get on almost exactly opposite nap schedules.  So no break for the mama.
And one of those babies has decided a 3am pooping schedule is a good idea these days.
And last night one of those babies also decided it was a good idea to wake up every couple of hours.... you know, just to check on us apparently... make sure we're still around and all.
So that's not helping my feeling done with the week already!

But here we are [only] Thursday morning.
I bid farewell to two kids off to school and I have two babies still asleep (thank you Lord!).  So all is quiet.  For the moment.
And I actually have a lot to do before Friday actually, like for reals, gets here.
Errands to run and stuff to pack for our little Fall Break "getaway".
Today is Friday for the kids, as it's their last day of school for the next ten.  And we're off (after a court appointment tomorrow) to do some fun stuff as a family and see some friends.  To take a nice break.  With Remy with us still, so it's not a complete, or probably by any means relaxing, break, but still... it'll be nice to just get away for a few days and see some good friends again in this beautiful fall weather we've been having.

Man, I still don't love the idea of starting school on August 1, but once October rolls around I sure do love having a good chunk of time off again!!


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