Monday, September 17, 2012

weekend snippets

Friday was the first field trip of the year... Sawyer's first field trip as a 1st grader!
To the zoo...

Saturday we did some busy work around here (why does one project always turn into twelve around here??)... and took a picnic lunch to the park with the bikes and the dog to break up the day.
the bikers were too fast for me and sj ;)

And we wrapped up the weekend as usual with our movie night...
 Nothin' spectacular... just a normal, everyday weekend around here.
And how was yours?? :)


Mom said...

L O V E your snippets. What a nice day for a field trip.Looks like Sat. was just as nice,glad you took advantage of the good weather ! Our weekend was busy,but I still feel like we could have accomplished a LOT more.XOXOXOXOX

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