Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the latest on the rem

Three months in, I thought I'd record an update of our littlest guy and what he's all about these days.

At almost 14months old, Remy...
Miya days
green beans
the piano
his milk cup
sawyer's matchbox cars
dancing, dancing and dancing

did I mention he loves to dance?

does not love:
wearing shoes
getting messy
the vacuum
the stroller
reading books

He's finally clapping, almost waving, maybe signing "all done", just started throwing a ball and getting more sure cruising the furniture up on his feet and actually picking up his feet to take steps when you help him walk.
He says doggy... "daw-daw"... but we can't get any more words out of him yet.
He just started taking a pacifier when we quit the bottles; we tried the paci earlier (because he's often so fussy and hard to console) and he would take it and hold it... maybe chew on it, but not really put it in his mouth.  As we gave up the bottles, I offered it as a substitute when we rocked before nap and bedtimes and he actually took it and sucked on it and all of a sudden loved it. (Our SJ was exactly the same way.)
He's now rather overly obsessed with it, but at least it helps him be a little happier (and a little easier to be around) at times.

We started him on some reflux meds shortly after his birthday and it's seemed to make a world of difference in his mood (and definitely the amount of stuff coming back up all day).

He's still very clingy... there are better days and not so better days.  Sometimes it seems he's cried or been sadly whining most of the day and then other days he's a relatively happy guy. And no, I can't find a pattern.  It seems we just go through cycles of a day or two where he's happy to play and explore, and content to do so without me always being right there within reach, and then there'll be a phase where I can't step outside a four foot radius of him without him losing it.
Definitely some attachment issues.  And definitely some developmental, and probably some sensory issues that stuff is directly connected to.
It's sobering to see how obvious all that stuff can be at such a young age.

He fancies our big dog, loves Savannah, cracks up at Sawyer and has a huge crush on Miya, giving her his signature "I'm gonna press my forehead on you" (rather than a hug or kiss) whenever she shows up at our house.

We're hope, hope, hoping things start coming together soon for his mama.
I know there are issues there, but it seems like from here on out, she'll have more help and (hopefully) more stability and other things that will enable her to better be the mama this boy needs.
There's a courtdate early October and we're hoping that signals the start of actual reunification and that her evaluations and requirements can be completed as needed and relatively quickly and he can be back with her soon.


Mom said...

I'm so glad he has you,and Savannah ,and Sawyer,and the big dog,and Miya,and dancing.:0)XOX

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