Sunday, September 9, 2012

nature's candy in my hand or in a can or in a pie

(can you name that song??)
(I've had it stuck in my head all day with my baking)
(not that line exactly, as it's a rather obscure part of the song, but it's the song all the same)
(and it's a rather random title for this post, but it fits in a round about way.)
(you'll see what I mean) 

ANYWAY.  Enough with the parenthesis.
On to the 5 W's...
and an H:

Who:  Me & SJ, three of her friends and their moms... aka, my friends.  I hope ;)
What: Our first We-Actually-Have-A-Book-To-Discuss Mother/Daughter Book Club Meeting.
Where: Our house
When: Sunday afternoon
Why: To talk about the book.  And socialize.  And lounge around Savannah's room eating gumballs and reading American Girl magazines, apparently. (that last part would be the 10 and under crowd, not the Mother half of the group, by the way)
How: With Pie!

The book we read for the month was called Pie by Sarah Weeks.  So of course we had to have pie. :)
There is a pie recipe at the beginning of every chapter of the book, so Savannah had the big decision of what kind of pie we should make for the group.  We settled on Chocolate Cream and also a Peach Pie.  I've never made a peach pie... it was really yummy!!  I should have taken a picture of it before I cut into it- it was actually quite pretty if I do say so myself.  For the Chocolate, I chose to forgo the book recipe and just went for ease and made Jello pudding pies in little mini graham cracker shells.  YUM!

see?  this picture of the aftermath ain't very pretty.  but it WAS, I swear!
Y'all know I love to bake, but I usually stick to breads, muffins, cakes cookies and other desserts.  Not sure why I don't think of pies.  This peach one won me over and it might just be a season of pies around here this fall.  Mmmm...

For a full "book report"/ low down on our book club afternoon, go check out SJ's blog.


Rolly Christian said...

I believe the song was "Peaches" by the Presidents of the United States of America, approx mid 90's hit.

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