Friday, August 3, 2012

they missed each other

We've had Miya here for the past couple of days.
Just like she never left, our sweet puppy just wanted to be close whenever Miya was on the floor...

I think Clementine misses having her little baby around.
(the one that doesn't crawl or head butt her or cry a lot)

And Miya seemed pretty keen on having a big giant puppy around.

There was a lot of hand holding going on all day. :)

They actually laid like this on more than one occasion the past couple of days... and for several minutes at a time. 
So. Stinkin'. Cute.


Mom said...

Awwww...So very cute! XOX

Zoe said...

That made me teary. So sweet.

Dan said...

So is there any chance of keeping her?

heather said...

dan- i can't say yes, but i will say there have been questions raised as to the permanency of where she is... so while we are trying not to let ourselves think about possibilities that might not exist, you can pray for her situation and that the right decisions and plans will be made for her. needless to say, we would not mind one bit if those plans involve us.

for now we are just keeping as in touch and involved as we can be and helping out with babysitting when needed.

Dan said...

Will definitely pray for your family. What an emotional roller coaster! You have to know, even at her age, that this inconsistency has got to have an effect on her.

Debbie said...

So sweet! She knows who loves her and who she feels comfortable around -- how precious.....Will continue to pray, pray, pray! Only God knows and in His time! Glad you all had some special time with her.
Love, Mom/Grandma

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