Wednesday, August 29, 2012

happy hump day -er, birthday

One of those weeks where it's 'it's only Wednesday??' and 'wait- it's already Wednesday?!?' at the same time.

We had baby Miya all weekend (Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon), my one day "off" was yesterday which was crazy busy trying to cram everything in because she's back later today to spend the night again.

There's a bunch going on at school this week, plus running around to piano lessons, classroom open houses, church small group and oh yeah- a birthday!!

Somebody turned 35...

And I'll give you two guesses at the somebodies who decorated the cake on their own this year. :)
(hint: not me.)

It was a rather low key birthday... Remy and I went and had lunch with the birthday boy and then he arrived home shortly after the kids got off the school bus.  We did presents then... nothing too exciting... he already "opened" his big present last weekend where he could play with it while camping.  He and the kids had a blast with it! (or so I heard... it was all after I left and I was presented with no photo evidence...) but he still had a handful of things to open; a new Oregon jacket, a replacement reservoir for his camelback, new tennis balls and some grill equipment.  You know, regular, unexciting guy stuff. ;)
Then we treated him to Chick-fil-A for dinner (family night!!) where we had free ice cream before returning home to cake.

We talked about playing games with our neighbors and sharing the growler they had dropped off earlier, but by the time we got homework done and the kids in bed it was later than we had hoped and I was tired and itchy (add a b on that and you'll get the actual mood I was close too at the end of a long day with all these chigger bites I have) so I went up to take a soak in Epson salts instead and we went to bed on the early side. 
Boy does that make me sound old.  I thought Ryan was the only one getting older here.

I'm hoping we can celebrate a little more this weekend, maybe a little pool party or something.
My guy sure deserves it!


Mom said...

Hope Ryan enjoyed his day.He does have another surprise on the way. I was looking forward to more camping pictures,with the Kayak. Maybe next time??Make sure you get regular breaks from babys.Two little ones is a lot of work,no matter how happy(or NOT)they are!!XOXOXOXOX

jessica said...

Tell your guy happy birthday from us!

Anonymous said...

not to notice, but i thought Ryan's birthday was on a tuesday....

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