Saturday, August 25, 2012

call me crazy

I have had that Call Me, Maybe? song of the summer in my head all weekend.
Only, in my head, fittingly, I was singing "here's my number, so call me crazy!"

We had a camping trip planned this weekend.
We were all -especially the kids- super excited and looking forward to it... even though the "fall" weather we've been having was slowly being replaced by the true August this week. :(
We were bound and determined to go and have fun.
Despite my bit of unsuredness about bringing Remy (yes, we took our kids camping as babies, with ease and without a moments' hesitation... but this kid is not quite the same laid-back, go with the flow, happy to hang out baby we had twice)(and it's been a good five years since we camped with a baby in tow) and also Clementine.  The pup had never been camping either.
So while I had high hopes of everyone being fine, I was just not quite intrepid.

Add to that, our neighbors (who are also new-ish campers) and their great dane (who was also a novice adventure dog) joined in the plans last minute.

And then Baby Miya's guardian called me Thursday with an emergency situation (long story) and asked if there was any way we could keep Miya until Monday.
Um... okay?

We hesitated for a moment; should we cancel the trip?  Should Ryan still take the kids and I stay home with two babies?  Could we possibly be crazy enough to take a new dog, friends, and two babies camping??

Apparently the answer was yes.

We thought about it and decided to go ahead as planned and just see what happened.
Instinctively I thought I'd just sleep at home with the babies and then go down for the day (the campground is only 30 min south of us)... but then I realized it was supposed to be so hot, the babies wouldn't be able to nap down there and the nighttime fire hangout, s'mores and such were what I would be most bummed about missing.  So we switched it up and decided to just go as normal (driving two cars), see if the babies would spend the night okay, and then I'd head home with them if the daytime napping wasn't working/whenever needed.

We had a few snafus, but we made it through to morning.
(fyi, two adults, two kiddos, two babies and a dog in one tent is a lot.)
And then went for a hike... one baby in a backpack, one in a frontpack, two kids who were low on sleep and were spent after mile two, four adults and two overeager puppies. (and we all got "lost")(more on that later)
And at lunchtime I decided to go ahead and head home with the "twins".
I was exhuasted.  And hot.  And exhuasted.
That less-than-24hrs of camping with those two was a lot of work!
And maybe a tad bit crazy. ;)

I wish I would have taken more pictures... this is the only one I snapped:

Really I was too busy juggling 99% of the time.
I hope Ryan took some more after I left while they finished their fun kayaking/camping day. [aka: a nice, quiet, relaxing, the way it's supposed to be camping trip!]

Meanwhile, the babes and I got home, showered, napped (they unfortunately took turns, so no nap for momma) dinnered, and then bid our time 'til bedtime by turning on a Wee Sing video.
They loved it!:

dancing and clapping along!
(Miya really got into it... Rem was more chill, just bobbin' his head. )

I'll rehash the whole camping trip in general when Ryan gets back with the camera tomorrow.
I'm off for one more tick check (eww)(I do so miss camping tick-free in Oregon!!) and a nice, early bedtime.


K.M.L said...

You are brave! :) Glad you made it a night though...
The kiddos look adorable!!! (AND so big!!)

Mom said...

Loved the pics...hope you get a GOOD nights rest! XOXOXOX

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