Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I haven't been to a drive-in movie since probably high school or maybe right after.
Ryan and I have never been to one together.
And the kids have never been to one.

We went as a family for the first time last night...
Waiting for the sun to go down...

The lone remaining drive-in theater 'round these parts is about an hour away from us.  But we packed up and headed out there and I think the vote was unanimous that we'll do this again and again. :)
We saw Brave, by the way.  And left at intermission before Madagascar 3 started because Sawyer's temp had spiked again and we didn't bring any meds with us. :(

So much fun anyway.  Wish it was closer.  But still totally worth it!
And I'm psyched to make a date night out of it for non-kid movies in the future!!

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