Friday, June 29, 2012

triple digits

So the weather's not the only thing hot around here.  Although, that by itself is plenty hot enough...

Sawyer's temperature spiked as well.
He woke up late (first clue!!), only wanted to lay on the couch (second clue) and pushed away his Nutella and waffle sandwich at breakfast this morning (dead giveaway).

Normally I leave fevers alone... to see where they go kind of thing and just let my kids' bodies do the work of fighting off whatever.  However, with the mercury soaring to 108° today... I thought it might be wiser to keep this one under control.  So I took his temp (over 101) this morning and gave him Motrin and juice and we've been laying low all day.

Which was kind of our plan anyway in this heat.
Shut up the house, try to keep things cool and just lay low.

We have all the blinds down and most of the lights off and keeping our appliances (oven, clothes dryer, etc.) off.  The kids actually  brought their pillows and favorite stuffed animals downstairs... they've been asking to "camp out" in the family room all summer break and we figured this weekend was as good a time as any.  So there's a family slumber party planned and we're all going to crash out in the family room for the next couple of days and let the a/c have somewhat of a break upstairs (our heat and a/c are dual zone... separate systems for the first and second floor) rather than trying to cool it enough for us to be comfortable up there.  I'm thinking it takes a lot of energy to keep the house at 75 when it's over 105 outside for several days in a row!
That and the thought of the a/c and/or power going out because of five days of 105+° in a city that's not used to those temperatures terrifies me!!

So we've been playing games, reading, we did some paper collage art projects, we've done our nails and the kids wrote some letters to friends.  Keeping busy, but taking it easy.

I think I'm going to instate a mandatory naptime as well.  :)

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