Wednesday, June 13, 2012

not my favorite day

Letting go today.
It's hard.

It's even harder with running on only three hours of sleep.
Our last day with our baby girl was spent in airports and on planes... including being stuck in Houston last night due to storms from about 6pm to 1am.  Lovely.
But guardianship was granted to change over yesterday (as soon as we were back from our trip), so bright and early today we had to let go.

I'm not saying we said goodbye, because I have hopes we'll see her again.  Her new guardian (a friend of her family's... I forget if I've covered that here) said she's having pictures taken and she wanted to give some to us.  And also keep in touch.  I hope she means it.  We'd love to see glimpses of this little girlie grow up.

I'm sure I'll share more thoughts later.  As I process.  And after I sleep.
Too many tears today.


jenny said...

thinking of you today. i hope she is still able to be in your life a bit. so thankful you were able to give her so much love. hugs!

Mom said...

Crying with you my dear. My heart aches...

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