Tuesday, April 3, 2012

three days into april

So no 12/12 date update for March.  Date 3 was a bust.  Just could not get our act together between 2-6 games/practices of baseball and softball a week and a new baby for the last dozen days of the month... March just wasn't date friendly for us.

We did, however, get a babysitter and go out (with friends) on April 1.  A birthday dinner and drinks out (yes, I indulged!  It was Sunday... a "celebration" day of Lent) and then of course, the long awaited movie The Hunger Games.  That was fun.

And maybe we'll squeeze our two more "boxed" dates out of April yet.  You know, it's not like we have a kids off of school or a national holiday or a birthday party or friends coming into town... we should have plenty of time! HA!!

Speaking of off school... we're on Spring Break and I'm feeling a little bad that we're not really doing anything.  Yesterday?  The kids played on the computer, talked to friends on the phone and hung around the backyard for a bit.  The outing for the day was going out to dinner and hitting up Old Navy for new flip flops and Toys R Us to spend gift cards.  Not exactly Spring Break highlight material.
But Ryan doesn't want to take any time off since he'll be out so long in May/June and I'm not feeling real motivated to drag all three kids out by myself.  Especially since we don't have a stroller appropriate for a newborn.  The weather is so gorgeous, but it makes me think all the great outdoor stuff to do around here will be packed with Spring Breakers.  And I don't want to spend money.  And I have a court date and visitations to work around with the Baby.  So here we are, hanging around the house again.  :/ 
I need to get my act together and make some plans for the rest of the week.  Whether we stay in or go out.
And I hate to say it, but it's almost too hot to be out.  With the baby at least.  I mean 85+ degrees is perfect if you're at the beach for Spring Break... but for normal everyday life, piling kids in and out of the car around town, it's too hot.  It kind of makes everybody grumpy.  Already.  I mean, it's only the first week of April and we've already had a month of this "summer" stuff.  Seriously, my kids have been wearing nothing but shorts since the 1st of March.  At this rate I'm going to be sick of flip flops already by the time summer actually gets here.  I'm not complaining, really... but I wouldn't mind a little bit more Spring before we're full on in to Summer.  It's just not normal.  And it makes me a little bit dreading of what our summer's going to be like if we're already running our ac almost full time in March.

Boy, negative post today or what?!
I really don't mean it to be...  it's a beautiful sunny day, the kids are getting along, the baby is snoozing away, the puppy is looking cute sprawled out in the sun in the backyard next to the sprinkler (got tired of waiting for me to turn it on?).  I have chocolate cake on the counter.  It's a good day. :)


jenny said...

did someone say chocolate cake? :)

don't beat yourself up about not having things for the kids to do. maybe just hanging out together around the house is perfect for the time being. it won't be long and your life will be buzzing with summer events and activities. the downtimes are few and far between. enjoy it. :) and the cake too.

Erin said...

I'm with Jenny.

Not everything has to be planned to a T.

Not everything needs to be Pinterest-worthy. :)

Just enjoy your time with your kids - maybe let them lead: "What should we do today?"

And by all means eat that cake! :)

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