Wednesday, April 11, 2012

party encroaching

At what age can you rely on a child's (one child to another at school) verbal I'm coming to a birthday party?
Out of seven invites, only one has officially rsvp'd.  Boo.

It has dawned on me today that I should probably get my butt in gear for this birthday party stuff.  Party is Sunday and I have a pinata ready to go and that's about it.  Somehow this month has gotten away from me... I think it's still March in my head.  Or at the latest, maybe, maybe the first of April.  No way are we almost halfway thru.  No way.

Fondant covered cake attempt coming.  Along with about a half dozen various other forms of cake.  And cupcake fondue.  Did I mention this is a cake party?  You know, Let Them Eat Cake.  Or something along the lines of Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.  Cake, cake, cake.  I'm actually afraid we are going to be caked out!
But it'll be fun until we are!!


Anonymous said...

fondant is a trigger word for ryan to stock up on kleenex and to be on high alert to console and/or take a turn at kneading/rolling.

Mom said...

I think Ryan will just need to be prepared to be on baby watch. If not,make it easy on yourself ...Savannah and the kids wont mind.They will have fun No matter. If I were you I would make a few phone calls though,to see who is attending. I would NOT rely on anyone but mom to answer that one! Wish we were there to (help and) celebrate!!!It is hard to believe April 15th is almost here!!! XOXOXO

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