Friday, February 3, 2012

i got nothin'

But I wanted to bump those ew-ugly pictures from the top of this blog. ;)

It's Friday.
And I got nothin'.
Not much going on around here... been kind of a quiet week. We've had warm sunshiney weather, I've got lots of "spring" cleaning done with windows and doors open, and we've had nice relaxing evenings. 
Oh, and our furnace isn't working.  Which, you know, isn't so bad when it's sixty-five degrees during the day.  But these sunshiney, cloudless days make for frosty cold nights and thirty degrees is a little cold to be going without indoor heat!  Plus, I'm sure daytime winter will make an appearance again soon.
So here I sit, waiting for the heating guy.
I purposely got all my laundry, cleaning and such done the last few days, ready for the weekend, so I could guilt free-ily (what? doesn't everyone make up words sometimes?!) spend the day out shopping enjoying the sun.
I've really been looking forward all week to today and hitting up the antique mall, HobLob, the kid's resale store and browsing a fabric store down in Franklin.  All in my own sweet time.
But you know cable/delievery/home repair guys... "will be there sometime Late Morning".
Which means I'm here for the day.

So let's do some Friday Questions!

Please to answer...
1.  Is it sunny where you're at today,
2.  Do you have sunglasses sitting on top of your head as ridiculously often as I do
(think hours after the sun has actually gone down),
3.  What are you most looking forward to this weekend,
and 4. Tell me the last yummy dessert you divulged in and when.  (I'm living vicariously!)

Ready, go!

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heather said...

i'll start!

1. sunny? YES! 65 again today. :)
2. sunglasses... pretty much always. they're probably considered part of my wardrobe
3. this weekend: savannah's squad is cheering at sawyer's game tomorrow morning. yay!
4. dessert: i actually made these Lemon Pull-aparts
earlier in the week when we had friends over for dinner. and have unfortunately been snacking on them the rest of the week. so easy. and too good!

Erin said...

1. Yes. It's beautiful here. We took Ella to the park last night. Love this "winter" we're having!

2. Always. Except right now, ironically. But they are sitting on my desk, within reach. ;)

3. This weekend is "catch-up" weekend. Dumb little errands, clean out the cars, etc. Nothing too exciting, but I'll feel good having those little details mastered since we're busy the next two weekends.

4. I had Thin Mints for breakfast. Does that count?

K.M.L said...

1. Nope! Not sunny today....chilly and rainy
2. Not sunglasses, but my regular glasses usually
3. this weekend looking forward to watching the Superbowl, relaxing and going through some things to get rid of (sort of a spring cleaning)
4. last dessert....ummm. does a bag of candy conversation hearts count?!

Sarah Pohlman said...

1. Started out sunny and mild, but the afternoon is bringing with it the clouds and expected rain.
2. sunglasses usually get left in the car for the next use this time of year, but summertime is a different extension of me.
3. The weekend will include dinner tonight with a lovely family friend~including a sleepover for Ellie, Brooklyn's Cubbie party Sat morning, Jackson's basketball game, a possible free trip to the Magic House, and spending the afternoon with friends on Sunday for the SuperBowl. Cooking for that and prepping for Brooklyn's Monday b-day, too!
4. I made an AMAZING chocolate cake last week. It included a triple chic cake mix, choc pudding, choc chips, and choc fudge icing! Nuff said! ;)

anne said...

1. Not sunny in Minneapolis- it's dull and gray and in the upper 30s.
2. Sunglasses are found atop my head much more in the summer than winter.
3. Most looking forward to going out both Friday and Saturday nights!
4. The other day I made healthy chocolate balls- cocoa powder, dates, nuts, and vanilla. A nice way to get your chocolate fix if you're trying to eliminate sugar/carbs.

Christina said...

1. Yes, its sunny and windy here in the Seattle area today. Our forecast promises it for the next 5 days! Its a miracle!
2. Nope, no sunglasses for me....they give me a headache, so I rarely wear them. In fact, I just cleaned out my car today and found them under the seat. That's how rarely I use them. Oops!
3. We are having dinner with friends on Saturday night in our neighborhood. I'm looking forward to that.
4. I haven't had dessert in two weeks. I'm trying to be good. Actually, that's not entirely true...I had a few pieces of black licorice last Saturday. And today, I had a healthy bar that tasted like dessert to me. My sis in law made it with coconut oil, cocoa powder, dates and prunes, and it tasted lovely actually probably since I've been depriving myself lately.

Christina said...

oooh whoops, forgot to say those bars had almonds in them too. It actually sounds very similar to Anne's treat now that I read her post.

Sheri said...

1. Rainy and dreary
2. My sunglasses are a permenant fixture on my head until I go to bed at night.
3. Pampered Chef and 31 party tomorrow at my house.
4. Dessert, dark chocolate hershey kisses. I'm not a baker so there are rarely desserts around here.

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