Friday, February 10, 2012

happy friday

Ryan (and his lovely assistant) did some scientific experiment/demostration stuff in SJ's class today.  They're learning about states of matter and separations... separation just so happens to be a good chunk of what Ryan does in his job, so he brought in some fun stuff to share.  We did an experiment separating the ink in different colored sharpie marks, a little playing with changing solids to gases (aka using dry ice to inflate a balloon) and making carbon dioxide filled soap bubbles just for fun.
Since our science stint was at the end of the school day, after we gathered the kids we stopped out for ice cream...

Yay for ice cream,
yay for fun at school,
yay for Ryan being home the rest of the day and yay that it's Friday!
Oh, and also that its' snowing!! ;)


Mom said...

It would have been fun to see you two with your experiments. Hope you get some measurable snowfall.Have a great weekend. XOXOX

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